Cleveland- Donald Trump has announced Friday that his Vice President running mate in the campaign will be Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. The presidential candidate’s decision has been tagged as the last resort to unify the divided Republican party. Democrats could easily use Pence’s “conservative” stands to win the support of moderate voters.

Through his official Twitter account, Trump made public his decision to chose Mike Pence as his Vice Presidential running mate on Friday. He also said that the news conference is at 11:00 a.m.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Credit: Tasos Katopodis/AFP via Getty Images/Vox

The conference is going to be held in New York at the Hilton in Midtown Manhattan.

Donald Trump had told Fox News before he made the announcement that Pence has done a great job as governor of Indiana and added that he has done “really a fantastic job.”

Mike Pence, 57, is a former House leader supporter of purist ideas. He is an important character for the conservative movement. The Washington Post says that Pence was received with enthusiasm in some quarters of the Republican National Committee. A reaction that meets Trump’s expectations to unite the Republican Party.

USA Today says that Trump’s move to choose Pence is a strategy to win total Republican support which is not comfortable with the entrepreneur’s candidacy. Some members of the GOP do not consider Trump a trustworthy presidential candidate for several reasons: he has no political experience, he does not have military experience, and he has a difficult personality that raises skepticism to his campaign.

But with Pence on his side, Republicans have the chance to support Trump’s candidacy. Mike Pence is known as a policy maker, and he is admired by some lawmakers and activists, according to USA Today.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who has criticized Trump in the past, stated that the Indiana Governor is the steady and secure in his principles person that the GOP needs. Ryan said that he is the one who can cut through the noise and make a stand for conservatism.

Pence was running for his reelection as governor, but after the decision, Trump’s campaign aides help him prepare Thursday for the official announcement. Mike Pence received help from allies in Indianapolis to withdraw his candidacy for governor, and now he faces a deadline. Pence has until Friday noon to take his name off the ballot for governor, says The Washington Post.

Pence and his purist ideas could help Hillary Clinton to win the elections

Mike Pence is known for his conservative stands such as condemning abortion, opposing gay marriage and criticize Planned Parenthood.

A former member of the U.S. House thinks that Pence’s conservative record makes him an easy target for Democrats to win the support of moderate voters. Clinton supporters think that Pence is just like Trump, and they will only continue to attack minorities and help the wealthy, USA Today reported.

The Washington Post wrote that presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign made a video that attacks Pense for being related to women’s health problems, gay rights, and immigration. “Donald Trump and Mike Pence-building a great, big, beautiful wall between America and progress” is the final phrase of the video.

Source: The Washington Post