On Monday, European leaders arrived in Brussels in order to focus the help from Turkey and other countries to support Greece. Getting ahead of this important event, migrants camped at the Macedonian border in the hope of passing through after the summit came to an agreement.

The European Union will ensure “comprehensive, large scale and fast-track returns to Turkey of all irregular migrants not in need of international protection,” as said in a draft statement.

As the migrant crisis has escalated far from just housing a few refugees to shelter to tens of thousands, its imperative for the EU to find a way for stranded refugees on the Greek side to safely pass through.

The EU leaders are now betting on the restoration of open borders within Europe to help solve the critical migrant situation. Photo: The Toc

Later on the same day, the reopening of three railway border crossings from Hungary and Croatia was reported by the state news agency MTI. Considering that crossing have been closed since 2015 this is a major event for migrants, as the crisis still exists today. There’s sufficient data to ensure that the present migration crisis calls for a reformed structure on open boarders control.

Europe is in need of reaching a deal able to solve the heavy influx of migrants with Turkey, as well as it must recreate its own open-boarders system, according to France’s foreign minister.

In response to this, Turkey offered to help the European Union stem a massive flood of migrants into Europe. However, it appears that with an offer of help came a request for money due to the requirements necessary for housing more asylum seekers.

Unexpected demands & Updates from Libyan coast

Turkey demanded more money, as well as faster accessions talks and the inclusion of quicker visa-free travels for its citizens. The country has asked for a staggering amount of $3.29 billion from the EU in order to help with the refugee crisis in the region.

While Turkey demands monetary compensation for taking in a major migrant population, tension among thousands of migrants camped out in the Calais region are starting to rise. Their claim regards the dangerous situation they have to endure as well as the precarious position they live in.

Off the Libyan coast, two aid groups recently rescued 68 African migrants from a plastic boat that was just about to sink. Maritime authorities in Rome alerted the aid groups of two sinking boats and made possible for them to rescue all 68 migrants without any casualty reported.

Due to the condition of the migrants, some showing hypothermia and others severe injuries, they were taken to the Doctors of the World aid ship able to hold 500 people.

Source: CNN