Malia Obama might have the most influential and recognized parents on Earth, but she has proven today that she is just another girl who is always ready to party, as she was seen dancing on stage during the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

It appears that Michelle Obama is not the only woman in the Obama family who has amazed the world due to a performance on a stage over the last days. Her daughter, Malia, 18, who has just graduated from high school, was seen by thousands dancing and enjoying herself on the stage at the Lollapalooza festival. The audience was shocked to see Malia shaking it at the stage of the festival. The first daughter was wearing mini shorts. People at the festival took the opportunity to let everyone know about Malia’s presence through social media.

Malia Obama Lollapalooza 4
Malia Obama. Image credit: E! News.

Malia Obama is just an average girl

The Obamas might be the most popular family in the United States, and probably in the whole world, but tough they are living in the White House, the presidential couple has tried to raise their daughters, Malia (18) and Natasha (15), as normal as it can possibly be. They are allowed to have friends, study, and dress just like average American girls. Now we know the Obama girls can party as average girls do.

While Barack and Michelle were impressing and inspiring us at the Democratic National Convention, so was Malia, who went to her hometown on the weekend to attend the Lollapalooza festival with some friends. Apparently, Malia is a Cashmere Cat fan, so she took the stage and danced to the Norwegian musicians letting everyone know she was there, and that she can party even though she is the daughter of the most powerful man in America.

Malia Obama Lollapalooza
Malia has just graduated from high school and has recently been accepted to Harvard. Image credit: E! News.

The Lollapalooza festival is not a new place for Malia. She attended the festival in 2014 too. As well, coincidentally, the festival was organized in Grant Park, where her father gave his victory speech after the 2008 presidential election. The same place will now become a library named after Barack Obama.

Malia is keeping it real

Even if she was living to the fullest at the festival, there’s no need to worry about Malia’s safety, since the Secret Service was really close to her, to make sure that she was completely secure, while Malia’s parents were at the DNC. Of course, the Secret Service tried to remain “undercover” looking very casual with plaid shirts. At the end of the day, the party girl is part of the presidential family.

But though this weekend went a little wild for Malia, let’s not forget she is a very classy, educated and responsible lady, just like her mother, Michelle. Malia has just graduated from high school and has recently been accepted to Harvard. Therefore, it is perfectly fine for her just to enjoy and have a great time with friends before leaving the White House headed off to Harvard next fall.

Source: Glamour