In the furniture world, there is a long raging debate, leather vs. fabric, but should there be? Leather has so many clear advantages over fabric; it’s a mystery why the issue is so contested. Sure, the fabric is cheaper, requires less maintenance, and comes in a variety of funky patterns, but leather has so much more going for it, its hard not to recommend leather over fabric every single time.

Leather Couches or Non-leather Couches?

So, what makes leather so special as a material for upholstering lounges? Read on as I explain the many reasons for leather supremacy.

Better equipped for life

Leather has long been praised for its hardy nature. Leather, when treated properly, can last for hundreds of years, something you can’t say about fabric. A leather lounge like the Jada lounge package from Domayne will not only look fantastic but stand up to rips, tears, and stains for decades.

For pet owners and allergy sufferers, leather is the only real choice. As mentioned above, leather is much more robust and will not scratch or tear easily, a perfect foil for your pet’s sharp claws and teeth. Leather is also hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t hold onto hair and dust as fabric lounges will.

More comfortable

A real leather lounge handles temperature changes much better than a fabric lounge. Leather breathes much like human skin, meaning it will wick away moisture and prevent you from feeling uncomfortable. Fake leather will feel nasty on sweaty skin and will most likely result in you sticking to your chair.

Real leather moderates temperature and moisture far better than any fabric lounge will, meaning year-round comfort in any weather. Leather’s sumptuous texture invites you to touch it and feel the grain. Properly treated leather feels supple and buttery on your skin and will never feel harsh or scratchy.

But, for those not too keen on leather, the Alara 3-seater from Domayne could be the answer.

Instant class and warmth

While a fabric lounge can be had in a multitude of colors and designs, leather lounges tend to be understated and classy. Leather as a material creates subconscious connections in our brains; we see leather as a classy and warm material because we are used to seeing it in high-class establishments. No other piece of furniture will upgrade your interiors aesthetic as fast as a leather lounge.

When styling a leather lounge, your job is made very easy thanks to leather’s neutral tone. Changing the vibe of your interior is as easy as selecting the perfect lounge and changing the cushions or blankets as the seasons dictate.

It will age better.

My grandfather had a leather lounge in his study that he was gifted from his father. As kids, we used to love the cozy chair, the smell so distinct and memorable it’s been burned into my brain forever. When my granddad passed away, he left the chair to my mother, who displays it proudly in our front room.

Leather will last generations if it is looked after properly and its maintenance is very straight forward. While it might be a bit more involved to keep leather looking fresh, the fabric alternative is much more involved. Leather will not stain easily, whereas even moisture variations in the air can stain a fabric lounge.

Leather as a material is as old as humanity itself. It’s easy to postulate that the first piece of furniture was an animal skin on the cave floor to improve warmth and comfort. Its almost a wasted effort comparing leather to fabric, but we do anyway. Fabric lounges are made cheaper and come in a wider variety of colors and styles; they are easier to maintain or replace when its time to update your look. For every other aspect, however, leather wins in a landslide. Find a range of sofa options here.