An LAPD detective identified as Nadine Hernandez was found shot by Police authorities at a Whittier residence on Tuesday Afternoon. Hernandez, who was part of the rape allegations case against NBA star Derrick Rose, was transported to a nearby hospital where she died due to her injuries.

According to the Whittier Police Department, authorities responded to a 911 call made by nearby residents after shots were heard. Police officers arrived at the scene, to find a struggling Hernandez with a gunshot. Police officers found a firearm at the scene, and further investigations will determine if the shooting was self-inflicted or homicidal.

Death of LAPD detective adds a twist to Derrick Rose case. Image Credit: Sports Illustrated.

“At this time there are no signs of foul play and this incident is being investigated as Suicide. However, this is an ongoing investigation,” informed a Whittier police official to the LA. Times.

Ongoing investigation 

Around 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, Whittier police authorities received a 911 notification of a shooting in 8400 block of Via Sierra Ramal, according to the declarations made by Lt. Steve Dean to the Los Angeles Times.

Initial investigations suggest that the residency where the detective was found belonged to a former LAPD lieutenant; however, authorities are still to find more information on Hernandez’ home.

The LAPD detective was taken to the PIH Health Hospital in Whittier County where, according to authorities, she passed away at 4:00 p.m. due to severe injuries caused by the firearm.

The 44-year old victim, Nadie Hernandez, had been working for the Los Angeles Police Department for the past two decades in the department of media relations until recently when she has moved to the detective rank.

The detective was no stranger to high-profile sex crime cases as she worked in the Robbery-Homicide Division Special Assault Section and had experience on the field.

Hernandez had been working in the rape case involving NBA superstar Derrick Rose, who is being accused of rape by an anonymous woman who claims the basketball star raped her along with two other friends.

The 44-year old detective recently made headlines when a letter she wrote to Rose’s attorneys was released, in the written document the detective pledged authorities and law representatives to keep the victim’s identity as anonymous and keep referring to her as “Jane Doe.”

In the report, Hernandez informed how anonymity was ‘an invaluable investigative aid to investigators’

U.S. District Judge Michael Fitzgerald condemned the public release of Hernandez letter and told the defense was “threatening criminal charges to gain an advantage in a civil dispute and prejudicial trial publicity,” as USA Today reports.

An autopsy on Hernandez body is scheduled for Wednesday, to determine if the shooting was self-inflicted or if authorities are dealing with a murder case.

Source: LA Times