Reality star Kim Kardashian remains in a fragile state after her October 3rd robbery in Paris, different reports including declarations of her sister Khloe Kardashian, the 35-year old star is anxious and has flashbacks of the incident.

A week ago Kim Kardashian was staying at her Hôtel de Pourtalès apartment in Paris, when five armed and masked men entered the security-full location, gagged the reality star and tied her up in a bathroom tub as they took off with $10 million worth in jewelry.

Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week, shortly before the attack. Image Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Since the robbery, the reality star left Paris and went to recover from the shock at her Los Angeles house to reach for her family and friend’s support. In a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres, Khloe Kardashian informed her sister is not in a good state and requires recovery.

“She’s not doing that well, is incredibly traumatic, it’s horrible what happened to her, she’s in emotional terror, it’s just a wake-up call,” said the reality tv star to Degeneres in an interview.

Still shaken up 

A week ago social media paralyzed after the news of Kim Kardashian being robbed emerged, broadcasting media, articles, and support for the reality tv star were seen anywhere you looked.

Paris authorities quickly responded to the robbery and informed the media that an investigation was taking place; however, Mrs. West left the country a few hours after the incident and informed she would be collaborating overseas.

On October 3, Kardashian-West was robbed at gunpoint after her two sisters left for a nearby club in Paris. The reality tv star was alone at her high-class Paris apartment, without her personal bodyguard but secured by the location’s security.

Around midnight, five armed men wearing ski masks entered the location gagged Ms. Kardashian and tied her up in the bathroom’s bathtub, pointing a gun at her head they asked for the reality star’s jewelry worth millions of dollars, including a recently upgraded engagement ring that rapper Kanye West had given her.

Initial reports suggested that the concierge of the Hôtel de Pourtalès was also held at gunpoint and gagged to obtain access to Kardashian’s apartment; however, authorities informed that there were no signs of forced entry or usage of a key.

It appears the armed robbers disguised themselves as law enforcement to access the hotel and gained they key to Ms. Kardashian’s apartment. The reality tv-star quickly left the country and traveled to NY City to reunite with her husband and two children, before leaving for her L.A home.

A few days after the robbery, the Kardashian family informed that Kim remained scared and anxious about the incident, as she was suffering from flashbacks. E-News, recently reported the star is receiving professional counseling and support.

“Kim is doing better, but she still has a long way to recover from the robbery. She has been receiving some professional counseling. Her friends and family have been supportive. Her sisters and mom have been checking on her every day,” said the inside source to E! News.

According to the same report, husband and rapper Kanye West regularly checks on his wife as he continues his Life of Pablo tour.

Source: E! online