Bengala Automotive Design has introduced the new Ferrari F12 Caballeria, featuring an all-carbon-fiber body with aggressive lines and beautiful GT-style elements.

The Caballeria is based on the F12berlinetta. It will be the first model produced by Bengala. Only 10 F12 Caballeria units will be produced and manufacturing will be completed by mid-2017. Bengala drew inspiration from Ferrari’s GT3 series but decided to replace every piece of the vehicle’s body panels with carbon fiber, decreasing the vehicle’s weight substantially.

Ferrari F12 Caballeria
Ferrari F12 Caballeria. Image credit: Bengala.

In most cases, uniqueness is a state of mind; we bring to our customers an interpretation of their desires, based on their dreams. Put it simply, we mastered and created a unique piece of design and engineering, the Bengala F12 Caballeria, and ten special individuals earned it,” stated Shoghi Saeidnia, Bengala’s founder.

One of the best Ferraris so far

Its GT3 styling is what makes the Caballeria stand out, with a sharp and aggressive design that can only look good on carbon fiber black. The air intakes are larger and the car’s front end is on another level of blade-like lines with a combination of design and speed in mind.

Although no details of the Caballerias’ interior have been revealed, the F12berlinetta does not have a glovebox and lacks floor mats, all to contribute to reducing the cars’ total weight.

Ferrari F12 Caballeria
The Ferrari F12 Caballeria comes with a 6.3-liter V12 engine. Image credit: Bengala.

The F12 Caballeria is expected to share its predecessor’s performance features, including its 6.3-liter V12 engine, capable of reaching 62mph in less than 3.1 seconds.

The F12berlinetta’s top speed is 211mph, and with the Caballeria’s carbon-fiber panels the speed limit is expected to expand at least a couple miles per hour. Every body panel has also been redesigned

The F12berlinetta was presented at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, named “Supercar of the Year 2012” by Top Gear. It is the second-most powerful car produced by Ferrari, able to produce 730 horsepower.

Ferrari F12 Caballeria
Ferrari F12 Caballeria. Image credit: Bengala.

The most powerful car ever produced by the Italian carmaker is the LaFerrari, a car weighing under 1 ton or 2,205 pounds. The F12berlinetta weighs one-and-a-half tons.

The LaFerrari is capable of achieving 62mph in less than 3 seconds and managed to complete Ferrari’s Fiorano Test Circuit in 1:19.70, the fastest for any road-legal car produced by the company.

Pricing for the F12 Caballeria has not been revealed, but the Berlinetta’s list price stands at $320,000. Ferrari lets customers build their own F12berlinetta on the company’s car configurator.

The F12 Berlinetta sounds incredible, a whole sweet shop of aural goodness pouring treats into your eardrums,” wrote Ollie Marriage for Top Gear. “This is a car you’d live with and drive and love and admire and appreciate every day. Neither fragile nor delicate, the F12 is bombastic, epic and howlingly fast.”

Source: Autoblog