Coworking in Kiwiland is in full swing and just about every business location has at least one coworking space that offers businesses a variety of amenities. Whether you are coworking in Wellington or Auckland, you can pretty much find space to meet your needs. Long haven to the start-up, the self-employed, the digital nomad, SMEs, and now large corporations are all finding there is something for everyone with coworking.

New Zealand Buildings

One serviced office provider has mastered the office space format by offering business comfortable workspace in the corporate format. With a Servcorp coworking space in NZ, for example, places your business on Quay Street in one of the most affluent areas in Auckland, and soon, you can find the coworking options available in Servcorp Wellington as well. More than just providing your business with a prestigious address for your business, Servcorp can meet the needs of your business in a few ways.

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Location Versus Value

With the Servcorp coworking plan, you do not have to sacrifice location for value. For many SMEs and start-ups, the high rents in places like Auckland virtually shut you out from accessing prestigious office space. Servcorp, however, provides coworking professionals more than reasonable office accommodations at a much lower price than standard office space. Your location off Quay Street in Auckland places you near the business district, and more importantly, it gives you access to the people and resources necessary to build your business.

Corporate Fit Out Versus The Basics

Of course, you could find an office through conventional leasing, but by the time you have paid initial start-up costs, the deposits on your utilities, cable, and water hook-ups will have significantly drained your bank account. In addition, you have to staff the place, so these are additional costs. With the coworking space, you get all-inclusive billing, which allows you workspace, access to meeting rooms, and all of the amenities that make up space. Moreover, this space is usually a fit out that has the finest furnishings in buildings retrofitted with the latest technologies.

Support Staff Versus A One-Man-Show

Servcorp offices are always staffed with highly-trained staff members to meet the needs of a business climate that is very diverse in culture and industry. Receptionists are often available to take calls and receive clients at the front desk, IT support is on call to help with any computing needs, and most importantly, a custodial staff is available to make sure your office is well-maintained. On your own, you might be able to swing one or two of these necessary parts of maintaining an office, but it definitely will be more expensive.

Community Versus Workspace

In an environment typically stereotyped as cold and uninviting, the coworking space through Servcorp creates a convivial atmosphere appropriate for the corporate environment. In addition to the workspace, there are designated areas where people can actually engage with each other socially. This focus on the social element of business creates an environment that supports the community instead of just workspace.

Global Access Versus Limited Locations

Not only are you limited to using offices within New Zealand, but you also have access to coworking spaces and meeting rooms in every country that Servcorp has an office. While other spaces might offer your business the quaintness that comes with smaller spaces, Servcorp can provide your business access to offices internationally, which alleviates the real-world problem of reserving space for business travel. You won’t find another bargain such as this in the current coworking terrain.

Coworking New Zealand

The business landscape is such that finding a comfortable workspace that also is a community is not a problem. With the number of coworking spaces available in the country, you can find a space to suit your style. However, if you are a business looking to make an indelible mark on corporate New Zealand, consider Servcorp for your fit out.