NEW YORK – Jon Stewart unfortunately transmitted on thursday’s evening his last 50 minutes episode of “The Daily Show”. After signing his departure with Comedy Central, Jon and his team prepared a special transmission loaded with emotions, guests, memories and of course, a daily dose of humor.

Jon’s fans felt touched with his particular speech about not accepting falsehoods and misinformations in their lives. He almost breaks out in tears and so his audience.

“It’s been an absolute privilege,” said Stewart. “It’s been the honor of my professional life, and I thank you for watching it, for hate-watching it, whatever reason you are tuning in for.”

Photo: AP
Jon Stewart the host of The Daily Show called it quits after 16 years running the show. (Photo: AP)

After 16 years of being on air Jon Stewart not only became a famous figure but a critical and a well-respected voice in the U.S. His ratings speak for themselves, he garnered about 2.2 million viewers per night.

His satirical and humoristic ways of expressing disagreement about media and politicians made him an exotic reporter of news. At times he even shaped the political agenda, often with progressives echoing his talking points and conservatives denouncing them.

Stewart always insisted on finding the other side of the new and watch it with different points of view in order to demonstrate the absurd in politics, or find humor in the most serious reports. You could say he was a way to escape from reality but in reality. That’s probably one of the main reasons that made him so special.

He brought complete success to the show, under Stewart’s guidance The Daily Show has won Emmys for its comedy and Peabodys for its election coverage. It has a guest list few normal news shows can rival.

The news about Jon leaving Comedy Central unveiled six months ago and it was revealed that he already has a successor, the comedian Trevor Noah. The announcement came after Comedy Central’s other big name, former “Daily Show” contributor Stephen Colbert, ended his tenure as star of companion show “The Colbert Report” and left the network in December to succeed the retiring David Letterman as host of the “Late Show” on CBS.

The host of The Daily Show announced his departure himself in an emotional address at the end of Tuesday night’s show, saying his 16 years in the hot seat was enough. “The Daily Show needed a fully committed steward” Jon said. “This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host and neither do you.”

It’s the end of an era, but Jon will not disappear from the media eye, Stewart demonstrated how humor can be used as a tool to hold politicians and cable news pontificators accountable. He was born as a social server and Jon’s loyal fans will always thank him for speaking his mind out loud.

“In my heart I know it is time for someone else,” Stewart told the audience. “I don’t have any specific plans. Got a lot of ideas. I got a lot of things in my head.”

Jon Stewart’s final show can be watched in Comedy Central’s site.

Source: Comedy Central – The Daily Show