Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel, recognized that in order to save his career, he needed to enter rehab. Close friend and advisor to Manziel, as well as his family, Brad Beckworth, confirmed that he had gone into rehab for treatment.

While no details were released as to the reason, Beckworth stated Manziel knew the areas that needed to be worked on, areas that would make him a better teammate, friend, and most importantly, family man. He added that the off-season was the right time and that he and members of his family are asking for privacy during this time.

In addition to Beckworth’s statement, one was released by the Browns. According to Ray Farmer, general manager, Manziel’s initiative to take action is both respected and fully supported. The most important thing to the Cleveland Browns is for all team members to be healthy and well and for that reason, the organization works hard to provide a supportive environment, as well as resources needed to make that happen.

There have been many speculations as to why Manziel chose to go into rehab for treatment but nothing concrete has been identified. However, during his time with Texas A&M along with his rookie time with the Browns, there have been a lot of photographs posted showing him partying hard and consuming alcohol.

One source that preferred not to be identified made a statement on ESPN.com last month that Manziel was his own worst enemy but exact what that was a reference to no one knows.

Manziel entered the NFL as a Heisman trophy winner and an excellent attitude and passion for the game. Unfortunately, he also had an alter ego and at that time, showed defiance for his college coaches and the NCAA. Then in 2014, he was the 22nd draft choice, playing just five games this season. Of those, he started two and completed 18 of 35 passes for two interceptions and a total of 175 yards gained.

As part of Beckworth’s statement, Manziel is taking this time to become a better person so when he comes back to the Cleveland Browns’ team, he will be better than ever. With that and the support mentioned by Farmer, it can be assumed that after leaving rehab he will once again join his team.