Comedian and TV host Jimmy Fallon had the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump on his show Thursday night. Fallon interviewed Trump as he does with anyone else, but the Internet wasn’t pleased with how the host treated the nominee.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is known for having A-list celebrities including actors and artists who appear and joke with Fallon, play some games and make a viral clip or video. Some have categorized Fallon’s show as a way to show a different side of the celebrity attending it. Fallon received Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump at a critical time when his counterpart Clinton has faced criticism over her health and with the presidential elections being two months away.

Fallon, Trump
Jimmy Fallon ruffles up Donald Trump’s hair. Image credit: ABC.

Fallon heard what Trump had to say about his campaign, his views, his comments and everything the nominee tends to say in a normal interview. However, the Internet is claiming that the host went “too soft” on the controversial nominee. People on social media are comparing him to Letterman who had quite a feud with Trump a few years back.

Messing with the hair or the interview? 

There are different opinions on the Internet about Trump’s interview with Fallon. People criticized the way the host handled the interview at a critical time for the Presidential elections.

Every Fallon show ends with a viral video, whether it is the kids from Stranger Things playing and rapping or Arianna Grande imitating Britney Spears; The Tonight Show is always a helpful PR catapult to artists.

Trump’s interview ended with Fallon messing Trump’s famous hair and showing a “playful” side of the presidential nominee who has people raging about it on Twitter.

“I want to ask you, because the next time I see you, you could be the president of the United States. I wanted to know if I could mess up your hair,” said Fallon to the nominee who joked about it but agreed to it.

People argued that the Tonight Show’s host “humanized a xenophobic.” Others are comparing Fallon with Letterman. Letterman had a feud with Trump in 2015 because of some harsh comments the comedian made while interviewing Trump, who hadn’t announced his candidacy yet.

The Huffington Post stated that even though Fallon is not a journalist, there are ways to use comedy to expose people’s opinions. Especially if it’s a presidential nominee.

On the other side, The Washington Post argued that no one should have expected Fallon to act like Letterman, but the host could have studied some of Letterman’s interviews to have more ground set.

Fallon has yet to face the criticism. Next week, the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton will be on The Tonight Show. Maybe the host will have Clinton talking about her health or will play with her hair.

Source: The Washington Post