Justin Bieber was surprised in his last concert in the Staples Center on March 23. His ex, Selena Gomez, showed up at the event and the fans went wild. An inside source said that Bieber got very excited when he saw his ex-girlfriend among the crowd.

The fans are going nuts with the idea of the 2 pop stars retaking their relationship. Everything started last Monday when the Canadian pop singer posted an old picture of him kissing Selena. But people ignited when Gomez commented the post saying “it was perfect”.

Credit: Master Herald

Neither Justin nor Selena have said anything about reconsidering their relationship. In fact, they are both starting tours which means they will be apart for a long time. Which make things difficult for something serious between them. However, it is difficult to see the facts and say nothing is happening. Tabloids and fans alike are speculating and looking signs everywhere.

According to Hollywoodlife, a fan even caught him totally freaking out backstage at the concert and it’s all on video! “Justin was crying and shaking in the last night, he started breathing heavily and then someone of the crew hugged him and they walked away,” an eyewitness wrote on Twitter.

The story does not end there. Selena Gomez will start her own tour on May 6. She is going hard with songs from her Revival Album and she has even gotten an arena for the first time. Gomez invited her ex-boyfriend to the concert. She even said if he could not attend the opening, he could go whenever and to as many shows as he pleased.

But not everyone is buying the romantic story between Justin and Selena. According to OK! Magazine, Kendall Jenner who is friends with Selena, is telling everybody that he never loved her and everything is a publicity stunt. Which implies “Jelena” was a publicity arrangement since the beginning.

The report says that Kendall is spreading the word among friends she shares with Selena Gomez hoping that it reaches her. But fans definitely won’t buy the theory.

Source: Hollywood Life