Presidential campaigns end today, but that did not stop Ivanka and Tiffany Trump from showing their support to Donald Trump in Virginia and Michigan. The Trump sisters spoke to Republican supporters in both state Monday encouraging the middle class and millennials to vote for  Donald Trump tomorrow.

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump had a meeting with more than 100 Republicans in Manassas, Virginia, at the Rose Banquet and Event Center to change the state to red and prove wrong the polls that say Hillary Clinton will win Virginia’s 13 electoral votes.

Tiffany stated that having traveled with Ivanka helped her understand how strong and what “a beautiful thing” her sister is. Image Credit: The Inquistr

The Trump daughters talked about how her father raised them to be strong women who also helped them to face the presidential campaign. Tiffany Trump said she had not realized how the presidential campaign was going to be like and neither to work along with her sister.

Ivanka told the GOP supporters that her father was unbeholden to anyone, other than the American people, and argued that that quality is more important to the lobbyists and the special interests. She said that Trump is running for president for Americans.

People that attended the meeting with Trump’s daughters were satisfied with Ivanka and Tiffany. One man said he thought the event was “awesome” and added that Trump’s daughters were intelligent and attractive, reported NBC News Washington.

Another attendee stated that she was impressed by how poised and professional Ivanka and Tiffany Trump are. She told NBC News Washington that Trump’s daughters’ characters speak for the presidential candidate saying that having educated and articulated children says “a lot” of Donald Trump.

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump go to Michigan as their last appearance of the campaign

Local business owners met with Donald Trump’s daughters in Hudsonville, where business regulation reforms and the middle-class values were the centers of the discussion.

Ivanka and Tiffany were part of a roundtable discussion with about 20 businesswomen from West Michigan that wanted to talk about issues surrounding their businesses and how regulations made it hard for them to succeed.

Ivanka Trump told the attendees that her father intends to protect business owners because he understood what it is to have a business. She said Donald Trump knows how important family business are in West Michigan and mentioned how tax rates make it difficult to be the owner of business.

“Even more so than comprehensive tax reform, and I think everyone agrees the tax rates on business … tax rates in general all across the board have gotten so out of control, people are passionate about regulatory reform,” Ivanka Trump said.

Marge Wilson was one of the women in the roundtable, said insurance issues led her to explore voting for Trump. Joni Olovson, another business owner, said she is also going to vote for Trump but other reasons.

As the women in Virginia, Olovson also thinks that the character of the presidential candidate children shows how Donald Trump is going to be a president. “You can’t fake good children,” said Olovson.

Donald Trump arrived in Michigan for a late-night rally, and at Grand Valley State University, across town, Hillary Clinton is also in the state for a late-afternoon rally.

Source: NBC News Washington