This week Sony is set to launch their new console, the PS4 Pro. This doesn’t represent a new generation like it did when Sony released the PS4 in 2013, as the successor of PS3.

It is an improvement regarding psychical and technical features. It’s definitely not going to replace the existing system but it’s oriented to fulfill the needs of the 4K definition gaming in the current rise. What it does represent is a direct competition with the upcoming Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, which looks forward to pleasing very High Definition fanatics (High Dynamic Range or HDR).

The PS4 Pro marks the first time that Sony or any other console manufacturer has launched a brand new version of a console mid-cycle. Image Credit: Digital Spy

This is the new era of gaming, and big companies understand that the main objective is the same: resemble PC-Gaming at its best. The debate that keeps gamers in dispute on which way of playing games is the “best” could end in the near future, with home video consoles upgrading year after year the quality of their systems.

Quick review

This new console has a much better hardware body (AMD Radeon GPU) that will enhance the normal functioning of the games heavily. Compared to the previous console, this one doubles the normal capacity. Although, for this to happen, the companies that develop video games will have to patch every one of them, which honestly could take some extra time for the fans to be able to play them.

Regarding visual improvements, there is an obvious advance. The system can output at 4K (3,840 by 2,160) resolution. The PS4 Pro could send to a 4K TV a strong definition signal, however, it does not mean that it will outplay perfectly. Most of the games that will work on this new console weren’t originally made for 4K definition. Yes, they would be patched for them to work correctly, but most of the times it is just not the same.

Nonetheless, graphics and resolution are not the only features that matter when it comes to visual experience. In the PS4 the hardware allowed games to run at 30 FPS, a thing that harmed the gameplay of games with quick movements and fast camera shots. In the PS4 Pro, there will be the possibility to execute games at 60 FPS, the double of the successor.

Image Credit: CNET

This, added to some improvements that include more lighting and more real atmospheric effects, will make the visuals look a lot better. All of these particular features are going to produce an ever warmer console than both of its successors PS3 and PS4. This makes sense, considering the volume of the device (1 inch bigger than Playstation 4).

On among other features, the PS4 will not have a Blu-ray disc reader. According to Sony, the actual world of entertainment is oriented to streaming content. This also means a cost-saving measure.

Also, there will not be any PS4 Pro exclusive games, and all games that work on the PS4 will work with no problem. For this games to exploit the potential on the PS4, every game developing company have to do its appropriate upgrade.

Redesigned DualShock

The gamepad also got attention from the developers of this project. In general, it is identical to the original: it has the both sticks parallel one from another and the same dual analog configuration. Also, it has the same seldom-used touchpad in the middle, just above a small speaker.

The innovation comes with the addition of a small light strip in the middle of the device, just on top of the trackpad. The color of this light will match the light bar on the front of the controller and will allow the players to see the status of the gamepad at just a glimpse. This means an even more practical DualShock that honestly doesn’t seem to be needing any more enhancements.

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Official launch and oncoming challenges

This PS4 will get to the stores on November 10th, and it is primarily aimed at those gamers that either want more optimum functioning or have not bought the PS4 in the past years.

According to Gamespot’s Jimmy Thang, this launching represents an innovation for Sony gaming policies.

“The Playstation 4 Pro represents a new move for Sony. While the company has refreshed many of his consoles before, the PS4 Pro marks the first time a mid-generational design has received a significant boost in processing power. Sony says that the Pro was primarily designed to take advantage of burgeoning 4K TVs, but is it powerful enough? More importantly, is it worth it? Let’s find out,” he said.

This release will compete with Project Scorpio next year, and the fans will decide if this was a smart move from the Playstation company.

Source: Game Spot