Baghdad – On Sunday, March 6 a truck bomb was detonated at an Iraqi checkpoint south of Baghdad and reportedly killed 60 people and wounded 70 other. The Islamic State has claimed the bombings as an act of their own agenda in order to fulfill their twisted and bizarre purpose.

The truck bomb exploded outside the city of Hilla, about 60 miles south of Baghdad. This attack appears to have been the second deadliest bombing by the Islamic State so far, as it has previously attacked in Sadr City as recent as February 28, in which 78 people were killed.

Civilians and security forces gather as municipality workers remove destroyed vehicles at the scene of a deadly suicide bomb attack in Hillah, about 60 miles (95 kilometers) south of Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, March 6, 2016. Credit: Oregon Live

The Islamic State credited Abu Islam al-Ansari as the terrorist who detonated an explosive fuel truck, according to a report from Reuters. Witnesses of the bombing attacks on the Iraqi’s security checkpoint described the aftermath of the explosion as shocking and horrifying.

Almost all wounded people after the truck exploded were reported to have third and second-degree burn injuries across their bodies.

Uncertainty in the midst of Iraq

Dreadfully enough, the terrorist group known as the Islamic State shows no signs of slowing down on radical attacks supported by religious beliefs that implicate killing all people that don’t agree with their ideologies. A statement released by the rebel group said, “The Rafinha – a term used to describe Shia Muslims – must understand that the battle has just begun and that the worst is yet to come.”

However terrifying the IS fear campaign is, it’s important to harden security measures worldwide as Iraq has already been forced to spread its security personnel in order to prevent an attack on Mosul. The recent spike of suicide attacks on Iraqi soil on the past few months has left a total of 170 people killed inside and out of Baghdad, credited to the Islamic State.

According to witnesses of the attack, there was nothing left of the checkpoint after the fuel truck exploded killing almost the same amount of people than the last attacks in February. It’s surprising the fact that the Hilla checkpoint was also the scene of a suicide bombing that took place two years ago and also killed 50 people and left the incredible amount of 150 people seriously wounded.

Source: Reuters