On Thursday, Roku announced the release of its 4K UHD Roku TV from Insignia. With new technological devices being released on a daily basis, television manufacturers’ newest addition is 4K TVs, and as a result, they’re more affordable than ever.

And although this doesn’t mean they’re cheap, costing $400 is not so much considering it’s a high-performance and high-quality device. The new devices are significantly less expensive than the current 4K TVs sold by exhibition area manufacturers such as Sony, LG Electronics of Samsung. For instance, a 55-inch Visio TV Is sold at Best Buy for $800 while a 55-inch Roku 4K TV is sold for $650.

On Thursday, Roku announced the release of its 4K UHD Roku TV from Insignia. Photo credit: Business Wire
On Thursday, Roku announced the release of its 4K UHD Roku TV from Insignia. Photo credit: Business Wire

However, a new TV device developed by Roku offers not only all features the 4K TV contains but also at a really affordable price for customers. The 4K UHD TV was developed by the Best Buy CE brand Insignia and runs on the Roku OTT/apps platform, according to the Verge.

The new TVs are available in Best Buy since Thursday and they come in screen sizes ranging from 43-inch to 55-inch and feature quad-core processors. In addition, it comes with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which will give users access to wireless speeds necessary to enjoy the 4K content and channels on Roku’s platform.

“Best Buy is the destination for all the latest in TV technology,” said Best Buy’s vice president Luke Motschenbacher. “With the new 4K UHD Insignia Roku TVs, the 4K viewing experience is now available to more of our customers than ever.

Current TV manufactures under menace

The current TV manufactures should be threatened by the new release of the new Roku-powered Insignia TV as it offers the same as its competitors, with a much lower price tag. And this should come as no surprise for the TV manufacturing companies as Roku said TCL planned to introduce 4K Roku TV models in the U.S as far back as January.

Getting back to the new release, the 4K UHD TV will run on Roku’s OS and will give users access to over 3,000 streaming channels in the United States. Among the streaming channels that offer 4K formats content, the platform will include Netflix, PLEX, YouTube and UltraFlix.

Video Streaming Services

When it comes to streaming video services, Netflix surpasses its competitors as its accounted for more than a third of all peak-time downstream traffic. However, in this age of new technology and streaming providers, that could soon change.

For those customers not able to buy a $400 TV, here’s a list of Netflix alternatives. Mubi.com and Fandor both have great variety and are available for PC, Mac, Android or Apple mobile devices and Samsung TVs. It’s worth mentioning that Fandor is also available in Roku streaming players as well.

Source: Multichannel News