In this revolutionizing era, mobiles and smartphones have become prime mediums of communication. As the number suggests, over five billion have access to smartphones all around the world. Most of our screen time is done while using a mobile device. Smartphones connect and grant access to the changing developing world. Thus smartphones have become a boon to eCommerce and online business via mobile marketing as it links to the vast population. As pandemics hit the world like a heavy meteor, people could rely only on online shopping through e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, e-bay. People began shopping with the help of the phone itself. If you are a new entrepreneur or your business is struggling, then it is time to think out of the box and grasp the opportunities developed by mobile marketing. You can grow your online business by improving your mobile marketing strategy. In a single touch, on a mobile screen, your customers land on your commercial website. So it’s time you must be top on your mobile marketing strategy. Mobiles rules supreme in terms of average internet usage. You can improve your conversion rates through mobile marketing strategies and engage with more potential users. So if you don’t know how you can clutch the best uses of mobile marketing, or you want to know the best way to target mobile users for eCommerce business, please continue reading till the end.

How to Grow Your Online Business with Mobile Marketing

What is mobile marketing?

In simple words, mobile marketing is the art of commercial marketing to intrigue mobile users. It promotes advertising activities of products and services through smartphones. It is a way to personally utilize various features of intelligent digital technology to build different products and services. Mobile marketing isn’t a single term; It covers the entire area of digital marketing, its techniques, and various processes. In other words, mobile marketing means a digital marketing strategy that aims to stretch to a potential target audience on their mobile phones or any other intelligent devices via emails, SMS, and MMS or through social media apps, etc. IF done correctly, your customers can have personalized, time and location-sensitive data so they can receive what they want precisely when they want through mobile marketing. It is a multichannel strategy as you can engage with your customers through emails, SMS, MMS, websites, social media, and other apps. Thus it aids in reaching your target audience.

Mobile marketing:

Now that you have come to know about what exactly mobile marketing is. Let us learn about a few tips and strategies to increase your efficiency to avoid mistakes.

  1. Modify your website mobile-friendly: The first and elementary step to start a mobile marketing campaign is to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. You have to make sure that your users can use the website efficiently without facing any difficulties. You can create menus and content display more attractive so that users can have a mobile-friendly theme.
  2. Keep it simple and easy to handle: One of the essential ingredients to perfect a mobile strategy is to make the website simple without any complications so that your customers can access the website without getting annoyed or frustrated. Make your content short and crystal clear; to do so, remove all the other unnecessary data from your website.
  3. Hyperlocal targeting: Whether your business is small or large, you should use localization-based marketing techniques such as geofencing to attract more mobile users in a particular area. Geofencing means you can pin a specific geographical region with a virtual border. Suppose any mobile user who has installed your app steps into that area; it will set off a push-up notification to that user. Such hyperlocal technology isn’t used much, but it can be really effective for restaurant or car depot businesses.
  4. Make use of SMS campaign: As we say, old is gold, SMS being an ancient way to communicate, yet they are an efficient way to reach your customers. Though it is traditional, SMS is more engaging as it is unlikely to keep pending messages unopened. Thus texts increase response rates to mobile marketing. So it is a beneficial, more interacting marketing strategy.
  5. Create social media advertisements: From young teenagers to old retired people, social media is an inevitable part of almost every mobile user. People interact with each other mainly on social media. You can promote your business on social media by creating a business profile, and you can feature your product or services through posts. You can optimize how people react to your posts on various platforms.
  6. Create QR code for fast access: Sure, with developing technology, humans are getting lazier, or you can say avoiding any slightest work. That’s why the latest QR codes help you in reaching the desired website simply by just scanning the given QR code with your mobile fun, thus saving your precious time of typing and searching for that website. Thus you can create QR codes that will lead your users directly to your websites.
  7. Built your app: Having your mobile app can be a boon to your business. As data tell, people almost spent 85% of their time using various mobile apps. Thus developing a custom mobile app for users can be beneficial for your online business. People can connect to you directly through your app. Mobile apps can impact your eCommerce as they enhance customer experience. Creating mobile apps is worth spending your money and time resources as it encourages user engagement. It becomes easier for your user to gain access to the required information of your business.

That’s it. I hope now you have an idea of how to grow your online business through mobile marketing. It is in your hands now to turn that idea into action. With the developing e-commerce market and increase in popularity of online shopping, make sure to grab the valuable opportunities provided by mobile marketing. Thank you for reading. Leave your views and suggestions in the comment section below.