Fishing is a great way to spend time with your friends. The fresh air, scenic environment, and banter with friends are all enhanced and better during fishing. But you can only get to enjoy this when you come prepared.

How To Get Ready For The Fishing Season

Like everything else, you must prepare well to get the best fishing experience. Preparation includes cleaning and fixing any issues your fishing gear may have to you purchasing equipment and tools early on to avoid the fishing season rush.

In anticipation of the fishing season and to help you out, enumerated below are some ways you can get yourself ready for the weeks-long fishing rush:

1. Check Your Fishing Gear And Buy What You Don’t Have

You must check your flies, hooks, and other fishing equipment to ensure they’re in good working condition. You probably forgot about them after last season and just stored them straight in your garage. Go to your garage, gather your tools and check their condition. Make an inventory of what you don’t have so you can buy for this season.

If you don’t have enough rigs, baits, plastics, or the like, schedule a day that you can visit the tackle shop and grab them. You need to do this early on because getting ready for the season means you’ll hit the ground running in no time.

2. Get Your Fishing License

You know how important it is to have your fishing license for the season. You don’t want to be the one letting your buddies down when they want to go fishing because you don’t have a permit. For this, you must obtain your fishing license early on.

The process takes a few minutes to finish. Don’t procrastinate. Go to your state’s fishing bureau website and follow the instructions indicated there on how to get a legitimate fishing license. Once you have your fishing permit, then you’re set to begin the fishing season on the right track.

3. Have Your Personal Safety Devices Handy

You’ll need floatation devices such as life jackets and throw cushions to go fishing. Before you set out for the season, ensure you have them onboard, they meet the criteria set by the law, and so on. Scan the devices for damage and replace those that are torn, ripped, or frayed.

The safety devices you should have on board include:

  • Life jackets;
  • A fire extinguisher;
  • Distress signals;
  • Working navigation lights; and the like.

There are various bacteria and waterborne diseases you could come in contact with in the waters that put your health at risk. Having the abovementioned equipment can help you keep safe during fishing.

4. Inspect Your Boat For Any Damage That Needs Repairs

If you own a fishing boat, that’s great. But before the season begins, you must check its every aspect to ensure it’s in good shape. Remember, it’s not safe out there and you must be cautious.

You should be keen when looking at the following parts:

  • Check if your graphs need upgrading;
  • Confirm if you have good anchors;
  • Replace your old spark plugs;
  • Change the oil in the lower unit;
  • Check your impeller;
  • Don’t forget the plug; and others.

If you don’t have time to do the repairs yourself, take the boat to a nearby boat maintenance shop.

5. Clean Your Boat And Fishing Gear

Once you’ve had the repairs carried out, get your boat back and clean it. You’ll be surprised at how much junk is in your boat when you begin cleaning and how your boat becomes lighter after. Start with the outside before you get down to the inside details.

Go the extra mile with the cleaning. Wipe your boat down and even vacuum it. A clean fishing boat will motivate you to begin your fishing season with a smile and a light heart.

On the other hand, don’t forget to tidy up your fishing-related gear and tools. They’re essential to the whole fishing experience as well.

6. Prepare Your Fishing Baits

Lastly, don’t forget about your fishing baits. Baits are important because they’re used to lure in fish to your hook or attract fish to go straight to your fishing trap.

It’s recommended that you prepare and get your bait early from your trusted local fishing supplies shop. If you’re too busy to physically go to the store, go online, and order them to be delivered early on to avoid shipping delays once the fishing season commences.


You need to be set and ready for the fishing season. This way, any time your friends or family want to go out fishing with you, you don’t have to go into panic mode in getting your things together. Don’t put it off for too long. The abovementioned points can help you prepare for the fishing season.