When you file a claim with an insurance company, they will take time to investigate the accident to prove validity, their liability, and your damages. Once they can prove all these, they will assign the case to an insurance adjuster to calculate the cost of the damages and hopefully settle the case.

How to Deal With Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters

Insurance claims adjusters are trained negotiators who work for insurance companies to compensate victims of accidents according to the company’s procedures and policies. They investigate fraud and also try to ensure that the company only pays what they have to.

Dealing with auto insurance claims adjusters after an accident is never easy. Though the best way to deal with them is to be honest. Considering they are constantly monitoring your moves, one little mistake can cost you your compensation. If you have a car accident claim, you should consult a car accident lawyer to advise you on what you should do and how to handle claims adjusters to avoid losing your compensation.

Here is what you need to know:

Be Open and Honest

Auto insurance claims adjusters work for the insurance company. This means that they have the company’s interest at heart. Their main job is to determine the validity and the cost of the damages and settle the case. If you claim severe injuries, disability, and other non-economic damages, they will want to prove your claim before they settle. This means that they will look into your hospital bills or record and monitor your social life too.

If they suspect that you lied on the claim forms, they can charge you with fraud and you’ll lose your opportunity at compensation. To help your claim, be as open and honest if possible. Though you do not have to engage them, remain respectful and provide them any documentation they need.

Do Not Give Them a Lot of Details

When talking to an insurance adjuster, you should always remember that they are trained interrogators who can easily get all the information they want from you. This can work to their advantage because you might admit to being partially responsible for the accident even if you are not.

You are not legally obligated to discuss the accident with them or give them the exact details as you remember. You should never engage with adjusters from the other party’s insurance. Obtain legal counsel and let them deal with the adjusters on your behalf.

Try Not to Accept the First Offer

One of the adjuster’s goals is to settle the claim for a low amount quickly, especially if it is valid. They can lower the offer purposefully to ensure they pay as little as possible. Without an attorney, it can be impossible to know how much your claim is worth, and you can quickly accept the first offer you get. You do not have to accept any offer from the insurance company if you feel that it is unfair. You have a right to negotiate your claim and get maximum compensation.

Get Legal Help

Calculating and negotiating claims should be left to the experts. Adjusters and attorneys have different methods of calculating the damages. It would be best to allow an experienced car accident attorney to handle the entire process, including the negotiations, and get you a better offer. If you cannot come to an agreement, your lawyer will file a lawsuit against the insurance company, and the case will go to court.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

If you have been in a car crash, the last thing you need to deal with is an insurance adjuster. To avoid this, you should consider hiring a car accident attorney to handle the claim process for you. Since you will also be under observation, your attorney will give you the right legal advice to protect your claim.