After over a year of staying home more often in the United States and all over the world, it’s no surprise that a lot of homeowners are considering making a few upgrades. Game rooms are one of the most popular home improvement projects to take on, and they can provide a lot of opportunities for socializing and entertaining, something a lot of us could really use more of right now. Not only that, but they can be a great investment if you think you might sell one day. Amenities like a game room are always a perk for buyers, especially those with large families or who like to entertain. If you’re considering building a game room in your home, read on for some advice on how to get started.

How to Create the Ultimate Game Room

How should you decorate your game room?

How you want to design your game room depends entirely on your preferences. Some people prefer a classic speakeasy look, while others prefer something more modern. Your first step should be identifying what games, furniture, and other technology you plan to have in your game room and find a color scheme and style that compliments those pieces. Lights with adjustable brightness are great for gamers, since being able to see the TV, computer screen, or game board clearly is essential to high performance during gameplay.

If you plan to do any of the work yourself, it’s essential that you invest in quality supplies when it comes to things like paint. Look for a paint company that offers both quality and a track record of success, as Dunn Edwards paints. A free color consultation can be a great way to narrow down which color palette is best for your home. Depending on the size of your space, you may want to consider painting an accent wall instead of putting the same color on every wall, to avoid making the room look small. Choosing between primers can also be difficult, but it’s often best to stick to primers from the same brand as your interior paints.

What technology should you invest in?

It’s important to look for the best TVs for gaming since the best setup for watching a TV show or a movie isn’t the same as the best screen for playing Rocket League with your friends. Picture quality is incredibly important, so finding a TV that offers both HDR and 4K is your best bet. An OLED TV, like those from LG, is known for high image quality, in addition to offering additional bonuses for gamers. LG TVs support FreeSync variety refresh rate and G-sync comparability. Compare specs before you decide what the best TV is for your needs, and don’t be afraid to ask an expert if you need help understanding what you need in your new TV.

While it can be difficult to get your hands on a game console like the PS5 or Xbox Series X right now, you’ll definitely want to put them on your list if you want to create the ultimate gaming experience in your home. The reduction in load times and graphical improvements alone are worth the money, and your favorite games will look great on a big screen TV. Look for a TV with low input lag if you plan to use it for PC or console gaming. Those milliseconds your screen takes to respond to the buttons you press can mean the difference between winning and losing a tough game.

Before you start, take your time while you’re researching the technology and decór for your perfect game room. Don’t neglect the tech either. While the design is important, the point is to have a place to play games. You can even talk to a carpenter about creating custom furniture pieces to hold your consoles or TV screen. There’s no one-size-fits-all way to design the perfect recreational space, it all depends on your personal interests and preferences. Take your time and make a plan before you get started, and get estimates from contractors so you can have an accurate idea of what your budget should be. As long as you’re creative and prepared, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor sooner than you might think.