Injuries are quite common. Think about all the times you scraped your knees as a child or bumped your head on a cabinet.

How to Choose an Attorney for Personal Injuries

So, what’s the deal with personal injuries? How are they different than your basic, run-of-the-mill injury?

Personal injuries are more than a painful splinter at home. Personal injuries occur on properties that aren’t your own, like a workplace, restaurant, or even your neighbor’s house.

If you sustain a personal injury, that means someone else is likely liable. While many personal injury cases are settled without the courts, you may need to choose an attorney to get the settlement you deserve.

More than 400 personal injury claims are filed every year. Is your claim next? Start with this quick guide to personal injury attorneys.

Learn the Law

Time is of the essence, but don’t rush the legal process, either. If you want to win your case, comb the web for lawyer reviews, FAQs, personal injury law facts, financials, and more details.

Start with a basic understanding of personal injury law.

Let’s say you’re injured at home. Bumping your head on a lamp in your living room is not a personal injury. However, getting hurt by a defective product is a personal injury.

Spilling water on your purse at a restaurant is not a personal injury. Slipping on a puddle of water in a restaurant is a personal injury.

Your first step is to determine what a personal injury is and is not.

Another way to learn is to read an authoritative law firm news blog. Law firms cover all types of topics relating to their practices.

Book a Free Consultation

The legal process costs money. You need all the financial breaks you can get, especially when you’re recovering from an injury.

Fortunately, you can request free consultations from law firms. Next to reviews and referrals, this is an excellent way to choose an attorney.

Free consultations introduce you to lawyers, different legal approaches, and the nuances of the law. Learn which lawyers will fight for you, and which firms aren’t up for the job.

Book a few free consultations to find the perfect attorney. Some attorneys have a better bedside manner than others, while others have less-than-stellar communication skills. You want a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and confident about your case.

Remember, communication is a two-way street. Communicate every detail of your case during the consultation. Revealing a fact too late can torpedo your case.

What Is the Law Firm’s Success Rate?

Of course, you want a lawyer who will take on your case, but you also want someone who can actually win. This can be a tricky metric to uncover.

The best way to find out is to flat out ask. Lawyers should be happy to discuss their track record and supply past cases. You can also find out this information through online reviews and public court documents.

Choose an Attorney Who Fights for You

Don’t waste your time on lawyers who don’t deliver wins. Follow these tips to choose an attorney who cares about your personal injury case just like Matthew Trapani.

Understanding personal injury law is a must. Do you have all the resources and lifehacks you need? Check out the blog to learn more!