Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, recently announced Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine, as the person who will be joining her and who could become the next vice-president of the country.

On Friday, Hillary Clinton announced Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate for the Democratic ticket; Clinton announced her decision via Twitter. The announcement was made hours before Clinton’s next campaign rally, which will be taking place Saturday in Miami, Florida. News coverage, have announced the advantage Kaine has in this rally, thanks to his fluent Spanish.

Tim Kaine has been on every speculative vice-presidential short list for years. Credit: Politico

Kaine’s public introduction will take place in Florida’ International University, it is expected, that the rally will lower the attention from the recent Republican convention that took place in Cleveland and that caused much controversy in the political world.

Choosing a VP

It has been long-rumored, who would candidate Clinton choose as her running mate for the presidency. According to CNN, Clinton’s decision began three months ago when John Podesta gave Clinton two dozen options.

The candidate had a variety of options for VP, a strong candidate was the Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who is also a long-time Clinton family friend. The candidate’s team recovered public information and evaluated the best candidate to secure Clinton’s ticket to the presidency.

Clinton had a campaign event in Annandale, Virginia where Senator Kaine joined her and proved his fluent Spanish by saying “Estamos listos para Hillary,” which means “We’re ready for Hillary.”

The Democratic candidate met with the Virginia Senator and both of their families at Clinton’s Washington home. The families met, once again, at Senator’s Kaine’s House with Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea.

After evaluation, the candidate made her decision and concluded Kaine would be an excellent partner to help her gain the presidency and perform a good job as a VP.

Senator Kaine, who improved his Spanish skills serving as a missionary in Honduras, was also Virginia’s Mayor in 1998 and 2005 he was named Virginia’s 70th Governor. Kaine is a great advocate for education and gun control.

Source: CNN