On Tuesday, President Barack Obama will make his first public appearance with Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina, to support her campaign. The staff behind the Democrat candidate hopes the presence of the current president will rally the people and get them to vote.

President Barack Obama has been endorsing Hillary Clinton as the main Democratic candidate for quite some time now, and many people wonder if he could help Clinton become the first female president in the history of the United States of America. Nobody doubts about Obama’s ability to make people believe in him, as around 50% of North American people think he did a good job. Moreover, the campaign staff that put him twice in a row in the White House is going work with the new candidate.

Obama to campaign with Hillary
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at a presidential campaign rally in 2008. Credit: Worldscooponline.wordpress.com

However, this year is going to be very competitive because the Republican candidate is a media monster. There is a misguided thought in the minds of many Americans, the idea that Donald Trump has no chance to be elected president, and yet, he won the primaries with one of the biggest turnouts in history.

The candidates have four months to motivate people to go to vote

The next part of the electoral process is of massive importance. Yes, the candidates were chosen already, but that does not mean the people will automatically go and vote for them. So, from now on, it is a charm contest, and the winner is the one that gets more people inside a voting booth.

Barack Obama’s endorsement is crucial for the Democrat campaign, especially because Clinton is still struggling to earn the trust of the citizens. She has been one of the main diplomats during Obama’s administration, and the fact that the president himself is supporting her after the elections in 2008 is a token of the political growth she went through. However, many people feel that the president did not really change anything, and his presence might give the idea that things are not going to change. In fact, the Republicans have said many times in the past the Democrats only want a third Obama term. In spite of those claims, there is really no option if the Democratic Party wants to bend history and get a third term.

“More than anything else he can provide a testimonial for Hillary Clinton, having been her opponent at one point and then working closely with her in her job as secretary of state. And he can describe the demands of the presidency in a way that underscore the seriousness of the job,” said David Axelrod, Obama’s former senior adviser who now serves as a CNN contributor.

People want change, and they want it now. For better or worse, Donald Trump represents that, something different, and a lot of people are rallying behind his cause. A lot of people think it’s irrational to believe he stands a chance, and they might be right. Trump often engages in racist rhetoric, offensive comments, and extreme ideas.

In other words, he represents a vast portion of the population that deep down share his points of views. The often ridiculed Republican candidate has another advantage, he got there by himself which means that in the race for the turnout, he just needs to stick to his success formula.

All in all, the two big parties chose their strategies. The Democrats did not want to use the change plan and ditched Bernie Sanders, who has publicly supported the winner of the primaries. Instead, they went for a more traditional line of succession taking their candidate out of political royalty. In contrast, Donald Trump was successful at rallying people with radical, non-linear speeches.

Americans love an underdog, and in this scenario when people talk about Clinton, they almost always speak of the entire Democrat Party, but Trump has made a name for himself, so it would be safe to say the situation favors the Republican candidate.

Is Donald Trump really the underdog?

According to the information Statista holds, Donald Trump’s success in the race for the presidency is a complete and utter surprise. Within the Republican Party, he had almost no endorsement, as the vast majority of senior members stood next to Ted Cruz. In spite of that, he ended up with the highest amounts of delegates and won most states.

In contrast, the Democratic Party vowed to Clinton and supported her since the beginning. She has the super delegates and more than 95% of her party’s endorsement. Also, as of February 2016, she was the candidate to raise the highest amount of money for her campaign with $263 million, she will definitely use all these resources the next four months.

Source: CNN