Graduating from high school or college is a huge milestone—and a very good reason to celebrate.

Graduation Wish Lists Help Grads Celebrate

In the spring of 2020, as we all face the many changes Covid-19 has brought to our lives, most traditional graduation ceremonies, proms, and parties have been canceled, sometimes replaced by virtual ceremonies and Zoom gatherings. It’s been exciting to see the spirit and creativity that have gone into these alternate-events.

One high school in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, is going all out to celebrate their Class of 2020. Seniors will participate in a socially distant parade of vehicles accompanied by the school radio station’s broadcast of Class of 2020 requests, followed by a virtual commencement ceremony. To ensure that every senior receives a gift to soften the blow of missed graduation and end-of-year events, the school has also organized a gift raffle. Their Wish List includes everything from laptops and Apple watches to mountain bikes, golf clubs, mini-fridges, and an array of college-friendly gift cards.

Thousands of high school seniors across the country are creating their own Graduation Wish Lists as they prepare to transition between the high school, college, and the “real world.” According to Nancy Lee, president of, the gift registry site “has seen an incredible uptick in graduation registries as graduation parties go virtual and families, now more than ever, are looking to ease the financial burden of the extras their grads need to go off to college.”

What Is a Wish List?

A Wish List is the modern version of a gift registry—a shareable, shoppable online list that can be created for any occasion, including high school and college graduation. Simply put, a Wish List makes it easy to organize all the things a new grad needs and wants on one list, and it helps those who want to celebrate graduates by taking the guesswork out of gift-giving.

A Universal Graduation Wish List from means grads can add gifts from any store—both online and brick-and-mortar. They can register for bedding and other personal items to make a new dorm room feel like a cozy home base, the right tech and other study supplies to set up proper work habits, even healthy snacks to keep them going late at night.

“Universal” also means that if they’ve already created a college or post-college registry at a mega-retailer, it can be synced onto their MyRegistry gift list. It’s easy to add gifts from local specialty shops as well. The sky’s the limit, the choice all yours.

In addition to much-needed “things,” graduates can create a Cash Gift Fund to receive donations toward larger purchases like a new laptop for college or a security deposit on that first “real apartment.”

How Does It Work?

MyRegistry’s user-friendly platform offers three easy ways to add gifts to a Wish List:

The Add to Button browser extension lets graduates browse online, then add gifts to their Wish List with just a click. The App, with barcode-scanning technology, lets graduates shopping in-store add items to their Wish List via smartphone. And registry syncing is a simple process that combines existing gift lists with every major retailer on a MyRegistry Wish List. With syncing, grads keep the perks of their store registries, including completion discounts and price match guarantees.

Once a Wish List has been set up, it can easily be shared with friends and family via eCard, customized URL, or social media. It’s easy to give and get the perfect gift every time with a Universal Graduation Wish List.