Japan – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder flew to Japan to meet with leaders of three top Japanese auto companies, Toyota, DENSO and Aisin, on Friday, to discuss the future of Michigan as the leader in the automotive industry in the U.S.

The governor reaffirmed that the U.S. state is and will remain as an ideal location for foreign business investments and that the economy continues on the ascending trajectory.

“The automobile industry was born in Michigan and we’re working to ensure that our state will always be the leader in this dynamic and essential field” Snyder said.

Rick Snyder is the 48th and current Governor of Michigan. Is a member of the Republican Party and assumed office as governor on January 1, 2011. Photo: AP/ Huffington Post

For the last four years, the government has taken several significant steps and investments to make Michigan attractive for foreign investors. But the relationship with Japan has been going especially strong for some years now.  Both the asian country and the state of Michigan have been always intimately related with their ‘Sister City’ agreement celebrating its 55th anniversary this year.

All the three companies, Toyota, DENSO and Aisin, have long existing businesses in Michigan. Toyota has been operating in York Township and Ann Arbor since 1957 and until date employs 1.300 people according to the Michigan Government. In January was announced that the company is planning on investing $141.7 million to expand in the state, creating 250 more jobs.

“It’s been said that vehicles will change more in the next decade than in the last 100 years, and Michigan will be at the center of these changes. Toyota and its sister companies will play a vital role in these innovative changes, and it is fascinating already to see the vision of the city of tomorrow” Snyder said in a press release.

DENSO headquarters have been in Southfield, with about 1,100 employees covering engineering, sales, and administration. The company has almost 3,000 employees at manufacturing facilities in Battle Creek, where it is the city’s largest employer. DENSO in July announced plans to expand in Battle Creek, investing $53.6 million and creating 100 jobs.

Aisin Group, the world’s fifth largest automotive supplier, also enjoyed a meeting with the governor. The company has its American headquarters in Northville where they dedicate to develop and produce auto components, electronics and intelligent transportation systems. Aisin has invested nearly $250 million and employs 700 people in Michigan since 1984.

Gov. Rick Snyder is leading an investment mission to Japan focusing on strengthening trade relationships and attracting job-creating business investments and looking to expand markets for Michigan-made goods. Credit: Michigan Government


Snyder’s investment mission also includes a visit to Germany with the intentions of strengthening trade relationships and attracting job-creating business investments, looking to expand markets for Michigan-made goods.

Departing to Japan last Wednesday 9, and returning from Germany next Monday this will be the governor’s third mission in both countries.

In the last four years, since Snyder took office, Michigan has attracted up to $1.064 billion in investment from Japan, resulting in over 2.500 new jobs and $1.136 billion from Germany.

Other missions led by Snyder have included China, South Korea, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Chile, and Colombia.

Source: Michigan Government