Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) presented on Wednesday new features to ally with the “rebirth of TV” including live listings and personalized ads, according to Daniel Alegre, President of Global Partnerships at the company, who participated in the National Association of Broadcasters Show.

According to the tech giant, the industry of television is passing through a “massive change” since new content platforms have risen. At the same time, creators and consumers interact using mobile devices and TV screens connected.

Google will include new TV listings and personalized TV apps. Credit: Columbia

New features presented are directed to help broadcasters and distributors with “discovery, monetization and content creation,” said Alegre in a press release issued Wednesday. By now, they will only be available within the U.S. and some countries in Europe.

The segment of customers who use their smartphones to find out what to watch on TV has been increasing in the last years. Google said that searches for TV shows and films on mobile devices have grown more than 55 percent just during the past year.

New live TV listings will feature apps and sites, where consumers can watch the latest episodes of their favorite series and shows. Moreover, it will show the schedule of TV channels, that plan to broadcast the searched show in the next hours or days.

Google also introduced personalized TV ads with DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion. The latter will make advertising “hyper relevant” for viewers across any screen that they watch, wrote Alegre on Wednesday.

This new technology will be tested with the Rugby World Cup Finals of TF1 and the Republican Presidential debates on Fox News, which are among the highest rated events in the TV industry.

“Politics and sports are pretty personal topics, so it’s only appropriate that TF1 and Fox News created a fully addressable viewing experience for the millions of viewers that tuned in using Dynamic Ad Insertion,” said Google in a statement.

The DoubleClick technology will assure that two competitors don’t appear in the same commercial break. For instance, users won’t see two automotive ads in the same break. Moreover, Google alongside content creators will make sure that different ads shown during a break are congruent, so a children’s cereal ad won’t follow an alcohol ad.

Google has also allied with new TV partners including MCN, Roku, and Cablevision. Previously, the company had previously worked with AMC in the U.S. and Globo in South America. Kristin Dolan, Chief Operating Officer at Cablevision, said that the company is enthusiastic about offering personalized and relevant ads.

Source: Google