Google, in an effort to improve their photographic applications and features, announced the aquisition of Fly Labs, the iOS videography app maker who have achieved more tan 3 million downloads in the past 18 month, in over 150 countries. Despite of the news, Fly Labs announced to their users their commitment to give the same passion as they have been giving into Clips, Fly Tempo and Crop on the Fly. As published on the Fly Labs´s website.

“We’re excited to continue on our mission by joining Google and the Google Photos team in Mountain View, California. Google Photos is a home for your life’s memories, powered by Google’s machine learning and computer vision technology. It’s a perfect match for what we built at Fly Labs, and we’re looking forward to folding our technology into Google Photos,” Fly Labs announced on a post on their website.

Fly Labs is a startup based in NYC that creates iPhone apps for video creativity. their mission is to to help people make the most of their photos and videos. Credits: Tech Crunch/Fly Labs

Although the terms of the deal were not disclosed , it is known that the company has generated a capital of $ 750,000 before Google came on the scene and made ​​the decision to purchase them. Google’s decision came after the company reported its lowest business activity, in value, in six years.

Fly Labs presents three video-editing apps that help people across the world to edit videos “on the fly”. Among the applications they have, users are able to alter the speed of videos, add a number of clips to create a single video and edit video moves with gesture controls.

The apps will continue to be available on App Store for three more months to enable anyone still interested to be able to still download them; but there won’t be any more software updates for the apps. The apps will still continue to work on individual phones once they are finally removed from App Store, according to The Hoops News.

Although the exact methodology of the transition remains to be known, it’s clear that Google has plans to improve their video editing features on the photograhpy apps with the help of Fly Labs.

Source: Fly Labs