Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released a new and upgraded version of the Apple TV. With a brand new operating system called tvOS, the device’s interface allows users to browse through different apps — like HBO Now, WatchESPN, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and others —and select their preferred content.

The company believes that apps are the future of television, and thus, they are the main focus of the product’s value over other TV devices.

If the user owns an IPhone, just bringing it closer to the Apple TV will make the device recognize their wifi name and password, as well as their Apple ID. The minimalistic interface also allows users to easily switch between recently browsed apps, a function that resembles the IPhone.

The automatic log in function only applies to the wifi connection and Apple ID, though. Users need to log in manually to every app they’re subscribed to in other to access them, which some reviewers find troublesome.

With Family Sharing, families of up to six people with iTunes accounts that use the same credit card can share content like apps, iBooks, music, movies, and others. Credit: Mac Rumors

Another perk of the product is its touchpad remote. Users can use it to either skip or rewind ten seconds of the video by tapping on the right or left side of the remote. They can also swipe their thumb towards either side in order to forward or rewind longer sequences of the video —they can swipe slower in case they want a frame-by-frame skipping.

The OS’ virtual assistant, Siri, can also help owners enhance their browsing experience through a voice command function. Pressing the Siri button on the remote controller, the user can order the OS to rewind or fast forward as much time as they want. By saying “What did she/he say?”, the scene will play back with subtitles included in case the person missed a part of their show.

With all of its advantages, the device still lacks some features testers deem as important for the product’s functionality. One of those features is typing, that becomes tedious with the single, horizontal line in which the letters are organized. Using the touch remote, users have to swipe from the beginning to the end of the line in order to type a word, a system similar to the one the old IPod Classic had.

This problem can’t be solved using Apple’s remote keyboard which works for IPhones and IPads, since it isn’t compatible with the TV.

The device doesn’t support 4K video and it’s, as most of Apple’s products, considerably expensive — almost $200 for the 64GB TV.

Apple assures the company will develop a software to solve all the main issues by the year 2016. For now, Apple TV is a good option for those who seek an stable, premium streaming service.

Source: TIME