Starting September 24, anyone who eats at Taco Bell and order a Big Box can win a Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Console Bundle. The alliance is not new: four years ago Taco Bell made headlines because of a PS Vita contest controversy.

People who thought they won the contest reported to have received notices saying their codes were invalid. But other promotions have been a success, and Taco Bell and Sony are ready to join forces one more time.

Credit: The Next Web

“We’ve partnered once again on an exciting opportunity just for you! Only at Taco Bell and only for a limited time will you have the chance to win a Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle!” said the Playstation blog statement.

Sony announced at the Playstation blog that the combo will include a gold 500GB PS4, a gold controller, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and one year of PS Plus subscription service. The company also announced that the only way to acquire the golden PS4 is by participating in the Taco Bell contest.

All gamers have to do to participate is to “stop by [their] local Taco Bell and purchase any Big Box, and receive a unique code,” explained the company. The Big Box includes a large drink, two tacos, chips and an unholy quesadilla and “quesarito,” a burrito hybrid created by Taco Bell.

Big Box and Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Console Bundle. Taco Bell Contest.

Sony stated that the contest will start on September 24 and end November 4, 2015. Taco bell is set to deliver nearly 6,000 PS4 units, one every 10 minutes.

Source: Playstation Blog