Fortinet, the current leader in cyber security solutions, hosted its Accelerate 2017 conference and announced the launch of its new FortiOS 5.6, which combines technological innovations to provide more efficient security platforms than any other product in the market.

Chairman and founder Ken Xie assured that today’s economy becomes more complex each day and it requires the use of networks that calls for specialized individuals to work in, mostly in security affairs.

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“Today’s point products and platform security solutions simply aren’t capable of providing the solution breadth, processing performance, or advanced automation necessary to address these demands. It’s clear that traditional approaches to security are quickly becoming unsustainable,” stated Ken Xie last Tuesday, reported GlobeNewswire.

A leader in a new market

Cyber security experts assure that business networks are requiring higher degrees of reliability and ability to deploy and operate tasks. This has business owners needing consistent platforms through which employees and clients can operate and have their activities safely recorded, without any chance of a break-in.

FortiOS 5.6 is expected to provide just that, improving access points, firewalls, an open API environment, while also partnering up with distinct networking companies such as Nokia, Cisco, and HPE.

The new platform will be able to find and analyze threats that enter the system, allowing the security administrator to observe their inputs from within a single screen, which is an improvement over previous Fortinet products.

FortiOS 5.6 will include new versions of FortiGate and FortiWeb, the company’s top-notch firewalls that protect a network’s access points. This will allow products under the protection of FortiOS to have isolated systems, forbidding intruders from breaking the whole system from a separate branch.

These functions will prove useful as smart home environments start to come by, where almost every gadget within a home will be connected to a single home-based network.

Fortinet has become a bullish target for investors, seeing that there is a dire need of cyber security solutions in both business and home applications. Just today, Ken Xie appointed Phil Quade as Fortinet’s Chief Information Security Officer, a former NSA, and Defense Department official.

“He is a strong addition to our executive leadership team and will be focused on safeguarding Fortinet’s information technology and assets, expanding our strategic national programs, as well as serving as a trusted advisor to our C-Level enterprise customers,” stated Xie.

Quade has the task of strategizing and expanding Fortinet’s Federal and Critical Infrastructure business, while also serving as a consultant to Fortinet’s highest-level customers to develop more products and personalized solutions in the field of cyber security. Phil Quade has also worked at the highest levels of security in both White House and Congress, being the NSA Director’s Special Assistant for Cybersecurity.

Its recent officer acquisitions and the release of its new products have put Fortinet in the spotlight of stock investors, where every analyst has given the stock a bullish signal, seeing that the market for cyber security is just starting to flourish and the demand will soon increase exponentially.

Source: Marketwatch