New York — The 20-year-old model Gigi Hadid had to audition twice before she finally got selected for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that took place yesterday in New York City.

Model Gigi Hadid at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City. Credit: Vogue

“I still get emotional thinking about it. I’ve seen it 100 times and every time I see it, I start crying because I know it is something that she wanted so much and she worked so hard to get. She’s only 20 years old. She tried out twice and didn’t get it and to get it the third time, it was just so special,” said Yolanda Foster, Gigi’s mother and former model better known for her appearance in the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On the selecting process, Ed Razek, the executive producer of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, said that even though the judges were meant to be objective about their decision, all the girls were equally passionate about their desire to be there. He talked about the way some of them got emotional during their auditions. Gigi was one of them.

Getting picked as a model for Victoria’s Secret is not an easy task. John Pfeiffer, casting director, explained how he had over five hundred models submitted to him for consideration. He had to examine nearly three hundred of them during the first two days of casting — which he manages on his own, along with his team. Out of those, he tried to select a maximum of a hundred girls.

Gigi Hadid’s name has been gaining fame from before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She had already appeared in a campaign for said company, and she caught the public eye when she brought up the issue of body image during an interview with The Daily Mail Australia, in which she said she didn’t want to be “two pounds soaking wet” and expressed her wish to promote a healthy body image for those who considered her a role model.

Kendal Jenner, Gigi’s best friend, was another known personality to walk on the runway for the Victoria’s Secret show.

Source: E! Online