As technology continues to move forward, most of what it was commonly known as science fiction are now drifting towards applied science. In 2014 the tech giant company Sony filed three patents, one of them stating a new device called Glove Interface Object. Sony’s newest device is likely to be used alongside the PlayStation VR headset.

The “glove” controller would give the player the ability to manipulate the game with the use of his hands, fingers and wrist movements. Actually, Sony is actually bringing back the Nintendo’s “Power Glove” which was released in 1989 but it failed to satisfy clients, as the idea wasn’t viewed as achievable, or rewarding.

Image: Sony via Forbes
Image: Sony via Forbes

It’s important to remember that making patents for products does not mean the product is in manufacturing progress. The device’s patent made public by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office only states the exclusive rights Sony Computer Entertainment has on the product, although it would come as no surprise if the product were released.

Still, there’s hope for gamers, especially the ones old enough to remember the first glove like controller, as the timing for the patents is optimistically suspicious. Only a few months before the patents were filed, Sony released it Virtual Reality headset, so this could mean that a larger plan is taking its course. This could mean Sony has a plan mapped in order to provide customers with a fully virtual experience, with the added benefit of breaking the three-dimensional space.

Old ideas, new approaches

The development of the Virtual Reality Glove wouldn’t be too different from the Nintendo Power glove, yet it’s made to surely get people’s attention this time, as it has been 30 years since it was first launched for sale. The new device for Sony to develop now that the patents came to light is focused on helping users improve the interface with the game, as well as providing users with a pleasant experience.

According to the patents filed by Sony, the device would allow users to touch objects, move them, interacting with surfaces, press on objects and more. The new feature could have a million different applications as the device could respond to fingers bending, wrists turning and moving hands and finger in multiple combinations.

“The controller’s aim is to simply provide a way of touching, holding, playing, interfacing or contacting virtual objects shown on a display screen or objects associated with documents, text, images and the like,” said the patent document filed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Now, only time will tell if Sony’s Glove Interface Object is worthy of people’s attention. The VR glove device designed by Sony could create a major impact on the market given that recently announced products like Oculus and HTC have gained popularity. Every video game is now focused on providing the maximum gaming experience for users, as the interface connectivity means more now than 30 years ago when Nintendo released the Power Glove.

In recent years, the virtual reality aspects of video games have not only helped technology break old barriers, but also helped gamers to improve the interaction between them and the video game. As the patent notes published on February 26 say, the users will be able to interact with an interactive application, such as a video game.

Source: WCCF Tech