Coupons offering free pizza from Domino’s are no longer in the list of T-Mobile Tuesday app. Because of the high influx of customers asking for free pizzas, Domino’s had to pull out of the promotion indefinitely.

T-Mobile Tuesday app is an attempt to thank T-Mobile costumers for the loyalty with the wireless carrier.  This app that gives away stuff to users had so much demand that Domino’s promotion could not deal anymore with the high volume of pizzas.

Once Domino’s saw how its order volume climbed as much as three to four times a typically Tuesday, worries began to arise. This would have been great if Domino’s personnel was prepared. Even for T-Mobile, this app has been so popular that it seems difficult to handle.

T-Mobile's Tuesday promotion served to exceed all expectations as customers managed to make Domino's pull out the promotion for good. Image Credit: PC World
T-Mobile’s Tuesday promotion served to exceed all expectations as customers managed to make Domino’s pull out the development for good. Image Credit: PC World

According to T-Mobile CEO John Legere, Domino’s couldn’t handle the increase in order volume, and has pulled out of the promotion indefinitely.

Is it T- Mobile or Domino’s fault? 

Due to the high amount of pizzas to be delivered,  Domino’s decided to limit the number of free pizzas per store, in an attempt to get some control over T- Mobile promotion. Therefore, many coupons were left out as well as costumers with a lot of frustration.

Also, it seemed that the authors of this promotion did not take into account that customers on a single family plan could use all their codes to place large orders of multiple pizzas, meaning that instead of offering free pizzas per account, T- Mobile was offering them to anyone with an available line.

The CEO blamed the customers’ frustration on the pizza chain by posting on his Twitter account an internal Domino’s memo explaining why the company had to pull out the promotion.

“After reviewing yesterday’s results and taking your feedback into account, the decision has been made not to continue the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion unless we can find a solution that is best for the brand,” the memo read

In response to this statement, a Domino’s spokesperson told TechCrunch that T-Mobile’s promotion generated an overwhelming response, but they are happy, so many of their customers love Domino’s.

Domino’s added that the demand was significantly above what they agreed to in advance, which resulted in an understandably disappointing customer experience for some.  Therefore, Domino’s is re-examining the future of this promotion.

Finally, Domino’s thanked everyone who participated in the advancement and thanked those individuals working in the stores which went above and beyond in trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand.

Source: TechCrunch