It took quite a long time for Google to add the slideshow feature to Google Photos, but it is finally available on the Web and in the Android apps. Users will no longer have to click every time they want to show off pics from any given album to their friends and family. All they have to do is to open the album they want to watch, click on a photo, and find the Slideshow button in the drop-down menu. The web giant has not mentioned an iOS release.

Users can tap a photo to stop the show in case they want to tell their audience more about that moment captured by the camera. The company recommends casting the Chrome tab to the TV while showing everyone a fantastic set of photos. This will certainly enhance the viewing experience. However, the images cycle slowly and the platform does not allow users to control the speed.

The company recommends casting the Chrome tab to the TV while showing everyone a fantastic set of photos. Credit: idownloadblog

“You like crowding friends and family around your computer or TV to show them photos of last weekend’s adventure,” Google wrote in the announcement. “You don’t like clicking 132 times to show them each photo.”

Google offers an easy solution to organize and visualize photos

Google had previously released a feature that automatically organizes the album, so users do not have so sit for hours doing it. Google Photos suggests a new album for the recently uploaded snapshots and even curates what it believes are the best pictures.

The tool also adds maps and shows the user where they took the photos by dropping location pins. Before sharing an album, people have the option to add text captions by themselves to complete the work because the system cannot predict the emotions those pictures evoke to users.

There are about 200 million users of Google Photos. The service has been making significant efforts to be more attractive than competitors such as Flickr and Apple’s Photos app. Google had added features to change the date on multiple photos simultaneously, and it can detect faces and other items in photos to let users find them easily regardless of how careful they were when labeling their pics.

Google App users can also store an unlimited number of videos and photos, and the service allows users to move photos from their smartphone to the company’s storage to free up space while keeping their material safe.

Source: PC Magazine