Amazon, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) recently released its new Fire HD tablet. The device is the company’s largest display on the thinnest tablet they have developed and it is quite affordable. The tablet was mostly designed for entertainment such as reading, browsing, watching videos and listening to music.

The Amazon’s device comes with two internal storage configurations of 16GB and 32GB, and free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos. It includes a widescreen of 10.1 HD display with over a million pixel (149 ppi / 1280×800 ), a great size for those who like to watch movies on a tablet, or any other action that requires a good-enough display. The tablet runs Fire OS 5 and features a back camera of 5 MP and a front-facing HD camera.

There is amazing value packed into Amazon’s latest tablet, but a slow processor and low resolution may sour the deal. Credit: Engadget.

The Fire HD 10 comes with Advanced Streaming and Prediction (ASAP), caching of Prime Video that aid offline play on a microSD card, and X-Ray that determines what song are you hearing or who is the actor the user’s watching on screen. Other interesting features is that buyers can download Prime movies and TV shows to watch them offline, undoubtedly it is made for entertainment.

Amazon did not improve their hardware

However, the e-commerce company did not focus on improving their hardware. It has the same quad-core processor, up to 1.5 GHz, that was released on 2014, as well as the same display resolution. The one thing they decided to change was the thickness of the tablet, making it only 7.7 millimeters. It does not support 3G or 4G LTE connectivity as other tablets do. The Fire HD 10 may not be the best option in the market, but it is indeed an affordable one.

“Given that they’re running aging hardware, these tablets aren’t very fast. In fact, navigating through Amazon’s Fire OS 5.0 interface felt downright slugging at times. Swiping through the main menu and navigating through apps took a half-second too long – it’s a noticeable delay if you’re used to a snappier premium smartphone,” Engadget stated.

The latest device from Amazon has a starting price of $229 with free shipping. You can add their foldable keyboard case, which includes a trackpad and a full QWERTY keyboard and costs 65$. Nevertheless, there is a cheaper choice of a regular case that costs $50 and allows the tablet to stay in the orientation you want.

Source: Engadget