Lena Dunham, actress, producer, and writer of the HBO series “Girls”, has allied to Random House to publish her own book imprint called “Lenny”. Titles will be selected by Dunham and Jenni Konner, who plan to introduce new emerging voices in fiction and nonfiction.

Lenny will be an extension of the current LennyLetter.com that covers feminism, style, health and politics by the hands of Konner and Dunham. The latter said to Buzzfeed that while both authors love the internet platform, both are constant readers who find creative energy in titles that they share.

Credit: Lena Dunham

She added that her friendship with Jenni Konner, executive producer of the awarded HBO series Girls, “often doubles as a book club”. As a result, both felt that the Lenny’s voice had to lend itself to a new varied list of authors.

Dunham, best-selling author of “Not that kind of girl”, has explained to Buzzfeed that Random House gets their mission completely, so they are excited to work with the company and raise new voices, reaching to more people.

“Lenny books will aspire to push the ball forward on the issues that matter to our audience, with wit and style. We hope to see them sticking out of purses and riding public transportation everywhere.” Said Dunham to Buzzfeed.

Random House Vice President, Editor-in-Chief Andy Ward, said in a statement that working with Lena, Jenny and their team of editors, the company plans to publish select titles each year to build a “varied, compelling and voice-driven list”.

He added that Lenny is a perfect opportunity to widen the Random House catalogue, at the same time that the company stays true to its mission, which is to work with editors and writers that they really admire, as reported by EW.

Plans will not stay there, the Lenny platform will expand to new horizons

The Lenny Letter has published content from the Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence, talking about how Hollywood producers pay more to actors than actresses. The site has also published articles from the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, about girl’s education.

Plans to raise the voices of women, by Dunham, 29, and Konner, 44, will not stay there. According to the Hollywood reporter, both feminists are currently setting up a deal with HBO to create a new series of 22-minutes short films written, directed and produced by women.

In the coming months, Lenny will publish new articles from Julianne Moore, Shonda Rhimes, Amanda Peet and Joy Bryant, said Dunham to the Hollywood Reporter in an interview. She has admitted feeling excited about female actresses, who have always been described as “pretty faces”, expressing themselves on a personal level.

Source: Buzzfeed