LAS VEGAS – There’s a young auto manufacturer attempting to determine the global concept of futuristic cars. Faraday Future unveiled last night during the annual Consumer Electronics Show the FFZero1, an electric black-and-silver race car with a single seat inspired by NASA design.

With 4 quade core motors of over 1,000 horsepower, the insane-looking vehicle shows the style that future Faraday models will wear, defining the company’s vision of the future of mobility, according to chief designer Richard Kim. He even said that more than a concept car, it is a “car of concepts.”

The company’s website states that its primary goal was to build a car that could sense what the driver wants and needs. For starters, the concept includes the functionality of projecting live images on the road and real-time data visualization.

Faraday Future Wants to Change Car Ownership Forever. Credit:

Besides, the steering wheel of the FFZero1 contains a smartphone that allows the driver Internet access to find anything he needs. That will be possible thanks to a partnership with Leshi Internet Information & Technology, which sells services of internet-based movies and entertainment content.

“You don’t need to have a hundred year legacy in the automotive industry to define what the next generation of transportation needs to look and feel like,” expressed the firm’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development Nick Sampson. Faraday Future is only 18 months old but that doesn’t seem to stop its ambition.

Aside from being a company focused on the future of transportation, Sampson also said that the Faraday team has a passion for a thrilling driving experience, which is why its electric vehicles are not only a matter of sustainability, but they also are designed to be “seamlessly connected and exhilarating to drive”.

Sampson remarked that once Faraday starts delivering its first production car in a couple of years, the company will take advantage of digital design and test parts and molecular construction to be quicker than competitors. Most traditional automakers tend to use modular design and augmented reality and, unlike other car-makers, Faraday will be designing only electric cars so it will not waste time redesigning models to fit a hybrid engine.

The California-based firm has so far hired 750 people from around the world with the majority at its California headquarters and is planning to hire 4,500 people to work on its North Las Vegas plant, a factory worth 1$ billion.

Source: Bloomberg