Certain sports memorabilia has always been able to fetch good prices but recently, a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, Scott Shelton, rejected $20,000 for the touchdown ball carried by Jermaine Kearse. The football receiving so much interest is the very ball that Kearse caught to make the winning score on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

Sitting in the stands last Sunday was Shelton. He was excited that the Seahawks had just won the game when out of nowhere he caught the game-winning ball that had been thrown by Kearse. As Shelton said, the ball bounced about four times and then literally fell right in his lap.

In addition to the one offer for $20,000, he received a second offer but that one came from Kearse himself. Shelton explains that he received a phone call from the Seahawk’s player, asking if he could trade the game helmet to include signature and all, as well as his jersey for the ball. Kearse also asked if there was anything else he wanted in exchange to which Shelton responded to see the team in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

As for the football, Shelton said he would only give the football back to Kearse but that he did not feel a signed jersey and helmet were enough. However, a trip to the Super Bowl might be what it takes for Shelton to be swayed. The only problem is that Shelton is facing post-Super Bowl jail time.

In a statement from his mother, Shelton has to start a two-month sentence on February 2. Although the $20,000 was rejected, some people think that Shelton who has no job should have taken it considering the money could help with his legal expenses and the raising of his two children.