This morning, a gunman entered Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston Massachusetts, shooing a cardiologist twice who is now listed in critical condition. After the shooting, police confirmed the gunmen used his own weapon to commit suicide.

The names of the cardiologist and gunman have not yet been released to the public. Thanks to quick action of staff members of the hospital and law enforcement officials, the situation was brought under control relatively quickly. Assistance is being provided by the Massachusetts State Police in trying to unravel what happened and why. Immediately, the victim of the shooting was taken to the hospital’s emergency room for treatment of his life-threatening injuries.

The shooter was found deceased with the weapon to his side in one of the hospital’s examination rooms at the Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Center. At this time, the investigation is being spearheaded by the Boston police who made a statement that everything is now under control. In a press conference, authorities believe the cardiologist was an intended target.

In fact, according to William Evans, Police Commissioner with the Boston Police Department, the shooter entered the hospital asking for that particular doctor. Although there is no understanding at this point why, it is being investigated. Following the shooting, the hospital was put under “Code Black”, which means no new patients are accepted.

As stated by one witness of the shooting, everything became extremely chaotic. Without provide specific details, an announcement of the shooting was made by hospital officials. Visitors were advised to evacuate the building with hospital staff members telling everyone to “get out”. Visitors of the hospital realized that something bad had happened.

In a report from a second witness, an announcement was made by the hospital that a life-threatening emergency had occurred and that everyone should find a room to go into and lock the doors. Prosecutors were sent to the scene by Daniel F. Conley, Suffolk District Attorney. Because of the shooting, roads in the area were closed and delays are to be anticipated.