Chicago – The police department of Chicago has announced its outrage about a child and women resulting victims of the violence in the city, as three people were caught in a shooting scene where the child’s mother and grandmother resulted dead.

Chicago city maintains more murders than any other American city, and the continuing violence shows that 2015 could see even more homicides than last year, according to a recent tally by the Chicago Tribune. In 2014, the FBI statistics showed Chicago experienced 411 murders, surpassing New York’s 333 and Los Angeles’ 260, even though Chicago has less population than those cities. In fact, the FBI figures showed that Chicago’s murder count barely changed from the prior year.

Credit: Atlanta Blackstar

“I’ve been here for 4½ years, and we’ve had the same conversation over and over again. What is that we have to do to turn this around? Well, we have to hold criminals accountable,” Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy told reporters of CNN

Appropriate Investigations

For the moment, no arrest or investigations have been made, however, the police has every reason to believe that violent gang rivalry is behind the crime.

“We believe they are an innocent group who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” McCarthy said to CNN.

Officers John Conneely and Michael Modzelewski were the ones responsible for taking the 11-month-old child away from the crime scene and up to the hospital, where the infant was reported having no life- threatening injuries.

Chicago Deputy Chief Roy praised the officers, saying they “made the right call” and that the city is very proud of their actions, referring to the broken protocol that typically discourages police officers from removing victims from a crime scene.

“Chicago has got to wake up. We’ve got to stop saying it’s OK to have 30, 40, and 50 people shot over the weekend: ‘Oh, look, they’re setting a record” McCarthy said to CNN

WBBM reported the mother was identified as Patricia Chew, her son as Princeton Chew, and the grandmother as Lolita Wells. None of the women survived the day, after a vehicle carrying at least one gunman shot and struck the family and two men accompanying them as the five of them stepped out of their own vehicle

“In a second, two generations of that child’s family was wiped out,” Roy said to WBBM.

Source: CNN