Imagine Facebook Live and Snapchat came together in a beautiful collaboration? Fortunately, this is will soon become a reality. Facebook Live will boast a range of new features that will reaffirm that the app is one of the best things to have happened to social networking.

The idea behind the new updates is to make the platform more interactive and engaging. For instance, users will be able to conduct a two-person remote broadcast in two different places that will allow them to either invite their friends for a virtual chat or engage in interviews and debates. This particular feature will be most convenient for the more musically inclined users who will now be able to perform duets and collaborations via the application.

Streaming live from the Snapchat-like MSQRD app will add excitement for users to enjoy instantaneous image-trading. Image Credit: The Verge
Streaming live from the Snapchat-like MSQRD app will add excitement for users to enjoy instantaneous image-trading. Image Credit: The Verge

The new feature will work by allowing users to change their masks and offering a choice between a variety of effects. Furthermore, users will have the ability to choose to whom they stream, either the public or friends.

The new features will also facilitate coordination between broadcasters and viewers through pre-scheduled broadcasts that will notify users before the stream.

This will prevent the problem presenters experience of not being able to commence before viewers have tuned in. Moreover, if a user finds him or herself early for an upcoming broadcast, they can head to the new waiting room, which is like a virtual lobby where users can kill time waiting for the next stream.

Exploring new possibilities trough live stream channels 

The network is considering the possibility of having advertisements during live streaming since it is said that live videos tend to be long. According to Tech Times, Facebook’s Fidji Somo emphasized this point by noting that “it’s not unusual for people to broadcast live for longer than an hour.”

The plan is to drop adverts in bits and pieces throughout the duration of what could sometimes even be a two-hour live stream. The idea behind this newly added feature is to generate revenue for the company.

It seems the battle of live streaming has begun with Twitter’s recent Periscope launch, as well as Youtube starting a live version of its own soon. Competitivity is rife between various social networks, which inevitably sparks creativity and innovation much to users’ delight.

Also, the AOL acquired photo editing service Kanvas had developed a new app called Switch. It has also used Snapchat as its muse, which allows users to paint their faces with virtual makeup, get in touch with their wild side and replace their face with that of a tiger or transform into an animated emoji.

Another feature the app offers is the ability to auto-detect users face and apply the selected filters, making pictures imperfection-free to send to friends and share elsewhere. The switch is now available for download in Apple Stores for iOS devices and will eventually transition to Android.

May the best applications win!

Source: Tech Times