Late on Wednesday, the social media giant Facebook launched its new live broadcast feature in collaboration with video streaming powerhouse YouTube in order to improve its users’ experience. The announcement was made in the afternoon at an event in Hollywood, where Facebook Live was set to launch its new features.

Even though Facebook Live was already released early on 2015, the new updates announced Wednesday provide a suitable competitor for the company’s competitor in the live streaming marketplace. The new update featuring Facebook’s live broadcast is supported on both iOS and Android devices, as it will be released alongside plenty of changes.

Facebook Live broadcasting
The new Live Broadcast feature introduced by Facebook late on Wednesday (and advertised by Dwayne the Rock Johnson as seen above) is set to compete with its competitors in the live video streaming service. Credit: Stiga Town

The featured launched last year by the social media giant company introduced real time video streaming, yet the new update features an expanded search engine, filters that count on algorithms to accurately find the user’s purpose as well as a worldwide video-stream map. The Video tab replaced the traditional center spot of Facebook’s mobile app with a slide show featuring videos categorized by topics.

Once again, Facebook has made its competitors pick up the pace when it comes to innovating in their respective fields. Although it seems as if modern days will bring companies not only focused on providing one service, but also providing different ones. Live streaming services have become more popular since a few years back, and it provides a rather competitive market for company giants, without mentioning the new companies on the block.

Now, thanks to the latest feature from Facebook, people could even start gaining some money just by using Facebook Live. According to The Verge, the social media company is making deals with publishers in order for them to broadcast a quota of videos per month.

Facebook is off to a great start with Live broadcasts

Amazingly enough for Facebook users, the possibility to make some extra cash could be just one click away, and it isn’t the usual charade often seen in public domain sites. Publishers could even get the payment up front, and could get to profit from the videos’ revenue in a near future, according to Facebook.

Taking the company through the live streaming services could lead Facebook to an unprecedented record of people using Facebook Live, and not only because of the reward for publishers. People love posting their daily activities on social media, considering the overwhelming success of Facebook’s competitors such as Twitter, with Periscope or Snapchat.

Now that Facebook has joined the video streaming service provider race, only time will team which company will finish as the leader on live streaming services. Considering the social media giant has an integrated network of billion of users across the world, this could mean a significant advantage, of which Facebook will surely take advantage.

Source: The Verge