Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) will be soon releasing a new tool that makes adding captions to video ads easier for their advertisers. The captions, according to a study conducted by the company, increase video view time up to 12 percent.

The company found that as much as 41 percent of video ads were meaningless without sound. “Showing captions, logos and products can help communicate your message, even in silence,” said the social media magnate on a press release announcing the tool.

The automated caption tool is expected to be launched globally in the upcoming few weeks to Ads Manager and Power Editors. Initially, will only work with U.S English captions. Image: TechCrunch/Shutterstock

Previously, the advertisers that choose to upload ads with captions had to embed it or upload their own caption files. With the new tool announced, they can choose to add captions automatically, they added.

The new tool makes easier to deliver the ad’s message without interfering negatively in the user’s news feed. Even though the videos should already consider delivering the message without sound, adding captions could easily upgrade their efforts to impact in their target and deliver more efficiently their message.

The studies also showed that on mobile-feed environments, where Facebook’s users consume content faster, people prefer having the choice of play the video sound or not. When a mobile video ad plays loudly, 80 percent of the people react negatively toward the platform and the advertiser, the statement adds.

Others independent studies from Fors-Marsh have shown that people recall mobile news feed content after seen it for a quarter of second and that the value of the video ad happens quickly and increases with duration.

Facebook recommends their advertisers to take those studies into account when they create video ads, so they can effectively increase their chances to get to their audience in a positive way. They encourage advertisers to deliver faster their soundless messages so that can be able to catch viewers’ attention.

Source: Facebook News