Eric Painter believes reading is one of the best skills a person can ever learn. And good reading skills should be encouraged as much as possible. But, unfortunately, too few people know how reading can push them to a better position in life. That’s because reading can improve your motivation in so many ways.

Eric Painter of Texas Believes in Using Reading as a Springboard for Motivation

Why Eric Painter of Texas Gets Motivated By Reading

Every day, Eric Painter of Texas spends time reading one of his favorite books. Even half an hour a day makes him feel more inspired and happy with life. Why is that the case? Reading takes him to a new world, even when reading non-fiction. Why does this increase his motivation, and will it work for you? These answers are fascinating to consider and worth understanding.

First, a new book is a new challenge and something that feels like an accomplishment finishing. Each page teases the reader with new information and keeps them motivated to finish. Painter finds this desire to finish helps keep him engaged with the book and the world around him. He feels more connected and motivated to handle life’s tasks because reading challenges him and keeps him on his toes.

Just as importantly, Eric Painter finds that reading teaches people things every time they read. For example, readers may discover facts about obscure historical figures that inspire them to do better things. Or they may learn about new ideas and skills that interest them. For example, you might read about a new workout that inspires and motivates you to get back into better shape.

Eric Painter of Texas recognizes that this passion might take time to cultivate. Some people may look at a book as too big of a challenge and feel discouraged. Instead, work up to it by reading online articles and reviews every day. Any reading is good reading, he claims. Even reading books you’ve already enjoyed 100 times (like the Harry Potter series) rewards you emotionally.

For his part, Eric Painter tries to read at least 50 pages per day or a 350-400 word book every week. Bigger books take longer but keep him motivated. At the beginning of each book, he tries to guess plot points and twists. Doing so helps to keep him engaged, as he continually wants to see if he’s right by reading ahead. That kind of motivational improvement is an excellent way of improving your reading skills.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to set up a reading challenge with a site like Goodreads or similar companies. These sites challenge you to read a certain number of books every year. Some people go for 10-20, while others go for over 50. The thrill of staying on top of your pledged books will likely inspire you to spend many hours reading.