Trump’s campaign associates stated that the Republican candidate managed to raise a grand total of $51 million, which serves as a blunt response to the threats of GOP members to cut his financial support.

June has been the most successful month in terms of fundraising for the GOP candidate, taking into account that he had only started hosting fundraising events since May. Many are starting to become aware of Trump’s capacity of raising money, a factor that may become critical in the last months before the presidential election.

Donald Trump has once again managed to make an outrageous statement by claiming Saddam Hussein was good at one thing, killing the terrorists. Image Credit: Online News Planet

According to The Washington Post, Trump’s campaign made an exceptional call to solicit money on late June. Apparently, over $5 million were raised in a single day. The plea was made through an email list, and because of that, analysts say that Democrats should pay close attention and be concerned about this feat.

Trump carried on his fundraising efforts because he collected just over $3 million in May, while Clinton raised over $28 million. Republicans were concerned because Trump was not able to raise enough money to be a contender to Clinton’s campaign. Donald Trump said that it was the GOP’s fault of not providing support, which he could disregard and then fund the campaign by himself.

In spite of this, Trump made the following maneuver: An email was sent to a private and apparently “well-maintained” list of fundraising parties. In it, Trump claimed that he was sending the first fundraising emails he has ever sent on behalf of his campaign. Then, the email read that he would personally match every dollar that came in as a donation in the following two days, stopping at $2 million. For reminders, Trump basically financed his own campaign in the primaries, lending over $43 million of his personal fortune.

But Trump’s fundraising efforts do not only go towards the presidential race. It was stated by GOP fundraiser Austin Barbour that the raised funds are also directed towards “gubernatorial races, Senate races, congressional races, attorney general races” and any position that the GOP may have a candidate on its ballots.

Clinton has a clear advantage as she is a more successful fundraiser than Trump. The Democratic candidate has already used paid advertising and has established an important presence in contested states. Trump, on the other hand, has a much minor staff and no important appearances on TV advertising.

Donald Trump has faced some obstacles in the past few months, even if he does not dare to admit so as his campaign is based on strength. An apparently anti-Semitic meme was posted on his Twitter account. It displayed Hillary Clinton over a background of $100 bills, and a six-pointed star with a wording calling her the “most corrupt candidate ever!”

Shortly after, he deleted the tweet and replaced the star with a circle. Trump’s social media director Daniel Scavino Jr. tried to explain the image:

“The social media graphic used this weekend was not created by the campaign nor was it sourced from an anti-Semitic site. It was lifted from an anti-Hillary Twitter user where countless images appear. The sheriff’s badge — which is available under Microsoft’s “shapes” — fit with the theme of corrupt Hillary and that is why I selected it. As the Social Media Director for the campaign, I would never offend anyone and therefore chose to remove the image.”

Source: Reuters