After a public love confession by Drake and casual nights of partying together, rumors about Rihanna and Drake dating are stronger than ever.

Since 2009, Drake and Rihanna have been a highly speculated couple, with on-and-off dating. Recent musical collaborations may have intensified feelings between both artists. An insider told E! News that Drake “stills love her and never stopped”, and that it has been Rihanna the one that did not want to settle down. Apparently making music together got them closer, and things have changed now because the couple is claimed to be officially together.

Drake and Rihanna went out and fans spotted them making out in the club. Credit: Hip Hop Vibe

On June 29, during the performance of Rihanna at the Emirates Old Trafford stadium in Manchester for her Anti Tour, Drake made a surprise apparition to perform the international hits “Work” and “One Dance”. He let the audience know that he considers her “the most beautiful, talented woman” he had ever seen, and that “he is getting his heart broken.”

The artists have been spotted partying together

During their stay in London, Drake and Rihanna have been spending a lot of time together. They have been partying together for three nights in a row, and last night they were seen arriving at the same hotel after clubbing at the Chiltern Firehouse.

After the concert in Manchester, they left to an after party together, while on the early morning that day they were spotted leaving Tape nightclub.

Rumors say that they are only casually hooking up. A source close to Rihanna stated that they are not seriously dating and that they are only having fun for now, according to

About the relationship between them, the ‘Views’ author has previously stated that the energy they share is “genuine”, and that is why they do so well as a team.

Rumors around Drake and Rihanna’s relationship have been around for a while

Ever since 2009, there has been something going on between both artists. “Fireworks” lyrics from Drake’s debut ‘Thank Me Later’ are apparently about a failed relationship with the Grammy Award winner. Later, on 2012, a fight between Chris Brown and Drake was allegedly about their dating.

Most recent musical collaborations like “Work” for Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ and “Too Good” for Drake’s ‘Views’, following previous works like “What’s My Name” have reignited that “genuine energy” between them.

On the meantime, both musicians have dated around. While Drake was publicly dating with rapper Nicki Minaj, Rihanna has been more recently spotted with Oscar winner Leonardo Dicaprio and hip-hop artist Travis Scott.

Source: Mirror UK