Donald Trump might have become the most beloved character of the Game of Thrones HBO TV series. His big head has been superimposed on various characters’ bodies of the series and has caused a great impact on fans.

A parody video named “Game of Thrones: Winter is Trumping” has been recently released and features the Republican presidential candidate as many of the characters of the series. His head almost reaches the perfection of the series’ special effects and his speeches curiously make quite a lot of sense, despite not being related to the show.

Photo: Youtube/Huw Anderson
Photo: Youtube/Huw Parkinson

The video was created by the Youtuber, Huw Parkinson from the Australian broadcasting corporation’s politics show Insiders. He has used video mashups to turn politicians into entertainment by using pop culture references, and to turn political hot topics into humor. Parkison received last year the Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism for his videos.

Vanity Fair wrote in its related article that despite Trump’s head looks a little strange, “his words don’t seem like they would be out of place in the mouths of hated characters like Joffrey Baratheon, Janos Slynt, Alliser Thorne, and more.”

They explain that everything Trump says is his, but the matching characters reactions are purely Game of Thrones materials.

The most impressive section of the video that some consider the funniest and some others the scariest is when Trump is facing Jon Snow in a scene in the massive ice-encrusted Wall north of Castle Black. This scene perfectly matches Trump’s extreme idea of building giant walls around the United States.

But a better matching scene that perfectly fits the plot is when Trump’s head is superimposed on Xaro Xhoan Daxos’ body, the Qarthian lord. He denies Daenerys and her technically illegal group of immigrants the entrance to the city of Qarth.

“If you don not let us in, all of us will die” says Dany in the video, and Trump answers “I said temporarily, I didn’t say permanently”.

Maybe the Game of Thrones creators should consider creating a new character based on the striking Donald Trump.

Source: Vanity Fair