Donald Trump has declared in several opportunities about how much money he makes and how much money he gives to the U.S. in the form of taxes. That, of course, raised some questions and comments among the population and specifically among fellow candidates. Hillary Clinton, for example, invited Mr. Trump to actually release the data about his taxes.

The Associated Press discussed with Trump about this matter. According to the organization, the candidate stated that he would not release his tax documents at all. However, Donald Trump responded via Twitter on Wednesday that he did not mean to say that he would not release his taxes, but that he would do it once the audit process made by routine ended.

Donald Trump seems a bit reluctant about showing his tax documents. Credit: NBC News

Is there resistance?

To some, Mr. Trump was reluctant to the idea of releasing his tax documents, conduct that could harm his campaign since the whole structure of his popularity is mostly based on his qualities as a businessman. The Associated Press released the interview with Donald Trump when he stated that there is nothing to learn from his tax documents. That argument impulsed the perception of his resistance to share the documents with the public.

For most voters the dynamic of the wealth of Donald Trump may have an influence in their political decision in the presidential race.

The Offer

Actually, it was in February 2015 that Donald Trump said in a radio interview that he would release his tax returns, even before he was one of the Republican candidates to the run for The White House. He said on February 25 that he was the first to actually fully disclosed his financials.

Reporters from the Associated Press put pressure on him considering this offer, but now argue that the virtual nominee of the Republican Party is most likely to release his tax documents only after elections in November. The argument of Donald Trump is constant: There will be the release of the taxes only after the audit wraps up. Also, the candidate considers that voters have no interest at all in these matters and tax returns don’t give any important or relevant information about anything.

The audit, according to Mr. Trump, is not exactly his fault. He said that there are “a lot of people who are very rich and they never get audit.” In several declarations, Donald Trump had also stated that his financials are great and there is nothing irregular about them.

Source: CNN