October 21 is the release date for the new product of 2k Games and Firaxis, Civilization VI. The 4X strategy game series presents a format that differs from previous versions by adding lots of color and brightness. The most recent gameplay series proposes a different experience to fans who become already addicted.

Civilization is a 4X-type strategy video game, which consists of building an empire. Players try to develop and expand empires throughout ages. It starts from ancient ages up to the contemporary era, and even future ones. This October, 2K and Firaxis announced that will launch the new version of the video game on October 21.  

Civilization VI to be released in October
The strategy game Civilization VI will be released on October 21. Credit: The Verge

With Civilization VI, players have the possibility of expanding territories all along the map. Battles over territories are what let players advance in the game and now they can also develop the surface where expansion is going to take place.

The most recent Civilization’s experience will offer scenarios more artistic than realistic. The colors, brightness and eye-perceived textures give to lands, buildings and characters a closer perception to the gamer. Quite opposite to previous versions of Civ where the format was designed to provoke in people reactions that were closer to the “reality” they were living in the game.

It seems that 2k and Firaxis are trying to call up new audiences due to the fact that the new version has a tutorial option where the most basic rules of the game are explained. Therefore, those who have not constructed their own Civilization have the option to make a debut as a warrior with the latest version.

Source: Extreme Tech