Mariah Davis was found dead by the Detroit police department after she killed herself with a gun she found in her grandmother’s bedroom. Police reports released by the Sargent Michael Woody stated that they responded to an emergency call made by a family member at midnight, and found a young girl that shot herself. The exact age of the girl is still unknown since some police officers declared she was 4, while some family members told the media the girl was 5 years old.

The event occurred late at a home on Oakfield, on the west side of Detroit, Michigan.

Young girl from Detroit shot herself
Mariah Davis, a young girl from Detroit, shot and killed herself after finding a hidden gun in her grandmother’s bedroom. Credit:

The investigation

Detroit PD officers are still investigating the timeline of misfortunate events that led to the girl’s death. Allegedly, the weapon was under the grandmother’s pillow, where the girl found it and took it with her into the playroom while the grandmother was downstairs.

The investigation also revealed that there were two more kids at the house at the moment of the events, ages 1 and 3. Reportedly, they were playing with Mariah, although fortunately they were not injured at all. The grandmother is being questioned by the police, although is still unknown is anyone will face criminal charges.

A common tragedy 

Relatives of the young girl have been interviewed by different local media sites and channels. The aunt, identified as Freda Davis, told the press about how the death of Mariah meant a huge shock to the entire family, breaking her relative’s hearts. The awful tragedy has been remarkable to the Oakfield population.

Last year at least 265 people were accidentally shot by children. It is very common that kids find unsecured guns at their homes and according to Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization devoted to gun control, the number is actually increasing every year. Not all accidents end in death, but several injuries, both to children and adults, have been perpetrated.

Source: Time